10 May

Downloading Illegally


I received a very weird phone call from a customer at the store today.  He wanted to know if we dealt with the pay per view movies , in which I replied we don’t since we do rent movies at our store.  You see , he had been downloading illegally and I called him a pirate immediately over the phone, in which he laughed.  He said, he received a letter from these pay per view people because he had been downloading “some” movies.   I told him that i’ve heard about some people receiving such letter but I haven’t seen one before.

 So customer said that this letters might help our rental business , in which I replied that I haven’t seen an increase in our rentals as of yet.  But yes, the movie people are starting to come down hard on these pirates.  We ended our call and I went home thinking if he is thinking that we are the ones sending out these letters to boost our business or what was he trying to get at?

Well, firstly, we have no time for these illegal business, from downloading to sending out fake letters.  I hope he heeds his own advise and stop downloading illegally and start renting like any decent fella.

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