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21 Sep

Innovative Thinking

The cold season is coming sooner than expected and last year I saw someone turn their bike into something safe to ride even when there is just a little snow coming down using  zip ties .  So this year, I told the spouse that I was going to try it – afterall, how much are […]

19 Sep

New Toy For Me

My new toy for this year and I had been saving for it – so don’t go saying I’m rich now.  Unlike others, I don’t buy anything that I cannot afford and owning a business taught me how to spend within my limits, so I think I do deserve to buy something I liked.  Next […]

16 Feb

Less Gaming & More Exercises

The spouse had ordered that there should be less gaming on the home front and more exercises – so that she will be motivated too – to get healthy and lose some weight.  With a yoga center right on top of our business – she said that there is no excuse for not going for […]

01 May

Bixi Bike In Toronto

While not all Torontian are on human growth hormone supplements – they can now make use of the Bixi bike share program that was recently launched this week – to better their health and save the earth.  We all want to be healthy and happy and one way is to boost our immune system.  So […]

02 Dec

RL Ding 36

Happy Birthday to me! No idea what I want but I’ve got $100 to blow so if I get a chance I’ll go do some shopping later. Will most likely pick up a new game, although I’ve still got a bunch of unplayed ones on my shelf. Maybe a copy of Lich King and a […]

25 Nov

Custom Bike Parts

I want a motorcycle. Been wanting one for years really. Back when I was in high school I had a little Suzuki TS100 dirt bike. It was kinda small but really a great size for a beginner, and I had a lot of old wood roads and trails nearby to ride on so having a […]