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08 May

Google’s Algorithm Sued In Japan’s Court

We’ve all known that Google and its Algorithm is biased and pretty much works towards what they think is best for their advertising – everyone else’s is just pure bull to them.  So I’m not surprised that a Japan lawyer had finally brought Google Algorithm to court to ask them to modify their autocomplete function.  […]

13 Oct

Microsoft 8 Release Date

i’m just only getting used to Windows 7 and everyone had been talking about the release date of Windows 8 for a few months now.  Scheduled to be released in 2012 – it is said that a beta version had been out for months now and real folks are in the testing mode and will […]

08 May

Windows 7 Starter

So we just bought a netbook with Windows 7 Starter on it  – we are so used to our Windows Vista in our old netbook – we find that the Starter comes with limitations.  You see you can’t even change it’s wallpaper for one and you can only run concurrent applications on a PC at […]

23 Sep

Listen To ESPN On iPhone

Wanna listen to sports like ESPN while you are traveling home from work in an hour’s long ride on the train..?? I would need appetite suppressant to keep me from munching on junks. But now you can keep yourself occupied because ESPN has launched a new application for the iPhone, ESPN Radio, which is now […]

11 Jul

Super Cars

Happened across a cool blog today that is just loaded with information on super cars; Ferrari, Audi, Buggati, Lamborghini and dozens more. Only the fastest and coolest cars will be found here with news articles, inside information and drool-worthy pictures. I’ll never be able to afford a machine like those, but I can always dream, […]

15 Feb

My Xbox is Talking about Me

In a strange but entertaining turn of events, my XBox 360 is blogging about me behind my back! Karma and all that I guess, so it’s a good thing I never said anything bad about my 360 =) Give your xbox a voice and see what it has to say about you and your gaming […]

04 Feb

PostieCon ’08

Last year, the first annual PostieCon was held in Las Vegas to correspond with the Bloggers Choice Awards. This year however, they will be holding it in Orlando, FL. It makes it easier to plan and easier for all the employees to attend, although for the posties it may not be quite the same. We […]

19 Sep

Making money Online

The biggest problem with trying to make money online lies in trying to sort out the scams from the legit methods. There are tons of places promising that you can make thousands of dollars a month by working just a few minutes a day. Sadly, this just isn’t the case and like the old adage […]

16 Sep

Free Piano Lessons

I’ve never been good with musical instruments although I really wish I could play something. A while back I got a keyboard pretty cheap for the wife, and since it has a training thing built in I decided to give it a shot. I still can’t play a note or read a note, but I […]

14 Aug


A fairly new company in the paid blogging world is Smorty.  Advertisers can create an account with Smorty and then pay bloggers (like me) to write sponsored reviews for them. These reviews can be about nearly anything covering topics from cell phones to web-hosting services. Even though I’ll be paid to write some of the […]

02 Aug

I’ve been bad?

I’ve been a bad boy. I got my wife in trouble and now she’s mad at me. A few days ago, without properly considering my actions, I made a post on a public forum. In this post I listed a certain blog address which was violating the terms of service for a paid blogging site. […]

30 Jul

And todays Fechr is…

Fechr (pronounced feature) is a new internet promotion site that can really make a difference in the traffic you get. Each day it will feature one website or blog for a full 24 hours. It’s an interesting idea and I think there’s a good chance it will take off and do well, unlike recent similar […]

14 Jun

Grrrr payperpost, why do you forsake us?

Looks like there’s getting to be some decent new opps coming up these days on payperpost, but argh!, they’re for US residents only??!? Irritating! The one for the movie 1408, US only. New one this week for Reno 911! Miami, also US only. I own a rental store, Reno 911 is available here in Canada […]

08 Jun

New home

Slowly getting everything set up on the new host and trying to learn wordpress at the same time. Luckily it has a handy import feature that gathered up all my previous posts for me, that made things go a little quicker. I’ll probably be trying out different templates as I go until I find one […]