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17 Mar

Rock Band/GH3/Burnout Updates

I’m still spending most of my gaming time on Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3 and Burnout Paradise and gradually improving in all three. For Rock Band I’ve beaten every song I have on hard and only have around 10 left to beat on expert, those are going to take a while though. The last 5 […]

28 Jan

Burnout Paradise: Continued

The smashing crashing fun continues in Paradise City. To start an event you pull up to a set of traffic lights, an on screen message lets you know what the event is and if you want to take part in it, you hold in both triggers to kick it off. These events are different than […]

25 Jan

Burnout Paradise First Impressions

There have been some big changes to the Burnout world, the first noticeable one is the fact that Burnout now IS a world. Or at least one large city with tons of wide open raceways. Now instead of just picking your race from a menu, you actually have to drive there. Hitting the back button […]

17 Dec

PGR 3 and Burnout Paradise

Yep, Project Gotham Racing is old, ancient history now that #4 is out.  But I don’t have 4, I have 3 and it only cost me $5, so that’s what I played for a couple hours last night.  It’s not bad as far as racing games go but it takes a while to get used […]