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22 Mar

Printing Letterheads

 A customer walked into our store the other day looking for info for some  local letterhead printing  and thought we would could do it since we were a computer store but sorry to disappoint him.  But wait a minute, we did recommend a place where he could do some letterhead printing easily and fast. We […]

28 Feb

We’ve Got Winners !

Yes, it does looks like we have winners in our town, this afternoon a young man came in to buy these 2 boxes and paid $4 each for these magic card boxes.  So he paid up and he just got outta the door and came right back in and asked why the boxes are empty […]

10 Jan

Inside A Dirty Computer

Sometimes, a customer would walk into our store and tell us they don’t know why their computer keeps shutting off or why it’s not working correctly.  Well, when you have a computer that is only 2 years old and looking this way, you bet your computer ain’t going to be working right.  And yes, we […]

01 Dec

High Life LED Signs

  These just came in from our supplier and they have been selling like hot cakes.  I guess this town just see the joke in having this sign in their home because most people do smoke a stick or two of weed and find nothing wrong in it.  They are at $40 + tax and […]

10 Nov

Overloaded Wtih TV Shows

Yes! that’s the reason why I need a bigger store, unfortunately, we still can’t find one to buy yet and the spouse don’t want to move unless we own our next store. They do sell, once they are on the shelves – but shelves space are limited, so you can see why I am thinking […]

28 Oct

Tools Supplies

We are not a hardware store but there are some tools that I need around the store for my work and home, so I go to  for all my tools, maintenance need as well as cable and ties.  I like that I can get everything online and under one website and they have just […]

18 Oct

Iron Man 3 Figurines

No one can resist these Iron Man 3 figurines – been a great sale lately.  Figured we should get some at the store to sell because Iron Man 3 is out in the movies and we all love a good Iron Man movie.

27 Jun


So we have the normal drums for sale at our store but now our customers want the electronic drums – and like any good businessman, I send them to where I know to get them one.  The  Electronic Drums at WWBW  are by far the most reasonable ones I’ve found on the internet and I’ve […]

09 Jun

TV & Stands

 We sell used games and tvs at our store and each time customer would asked if we have some   flat panel tv stands for sale  after buying the  tv from us.  We don’t have much luck hunting down a distributor but I know that they are in demand. Anyhow, when i do come into […]

28 Mar

Guitar Picks

Bought a whole load of music stuff from a supplier in Toronto – to re-sell at the store.  People always asked for picks and we only have guitar strings for starters, so this time, I ordered a few more things to see if it would sell.  Hopefully, it does – so that we have another […]

16 Mar

Gaming Shelves

The store is overloaded with games that I’ve bought of late, loads of sellers these days – trying to paying their income tax or recovering from Christmas shopping.   To keep them off the floor, I had to make some room for them at the store, so the kid’s play area had to be used as […]

06 Mar

Guitar Pedals For Sale

We have several used guitar pedals for sale but a customer who came in for pedals asked to test the ones we’ve got but didn’t like it so much.  He wanted the fulltone gt 500 – and we didn’t have it.  So I checked around for him and found a  fulltone gt 500 at music123  […]

03 Mar

PS4 Impact On Used Game Stores

So everyone had been talking about the PS4 and the new Xbox 720 that will be released this Christmas 2013 and how both Sony and Microsoft are thinking of phasing out the disc.  Therefore used game stores like ours would be impacted – but how impacted will we be?  Firstly, I don’t think both Sony […]

19 Feb

DIY Business Savings

  When you are a small business owner, you try to save in any way you can but there are just some things you cannot save money on – because the partner insisted on professional envelopes for the store.  Lucky for him, I’m so internet savvy and found a cheap envelope printing  place where we […]