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22 Feb

Scrabble On Facebook

Although Scrabble on Facebook isn’t new to FB users, I just started getting into it of late and I’m pretty much a Scrabble hound right now.  Love the game and it’s really intriguing – you can play with your friends or any random person online.  Free on FB, you can play it on your computer […]

14 Jun

Keep Your Kids Safe

I see teenagers come into our store all the time and parents talk about not knowing where their kids are and what they are doing and I tell them all the time that once you give them a car to drive you have to have a  gps vehicle tracking  to make sure you know where […]

20 Apr

Renovating The Basement

Today the carpenter put up the drywalls for the basement as I was looking at trash pump  since we are thinking of putting in another bathroom in the basement.  But I guess I was looking at the wrong place – although this site does tell you where to get industrial pumps for slim, wood […]

01 Jan

Kurio Tablet Just For Your Kids

A tablet made just for kids and covered with rubber all around it to protect the tablet from being destroyed from dropping it on the ground by your kids.  Interesting but the price is not cheap either at about $233 U.S. dollars  – would it be better to buy a regular tablet for you kid?  […]

27 Dec

Projection Alarm Clock & Weather Monitor

Now I say everyone can use a projection alarm clock and a weather monitor – every morning – don’t you think?   For about $80 – from Hammacher Schlemmer – this clock has a built in sensor that tells you the time and weather condition.  I like that when I wake up in the middle of […]

16 Dec

Re-organizing For Tax Time

It may be near Christmas now – but the end of the year is also coming – so with some money left – I’m looking into getting the scanner software  that the spouse had been talking about for ages – to reorganize my paper work for tax time.   I think it would be an […]

01 Dec

Funky Desk Organizer

I could use something like that for my desk – because I’m a messy person and chuck all my stationary, pens and writing pads just about everywhere.  So when I need them – they are nowhere to be found – most embarrassing if I needed to write something important about a customer’s computer. This goes […]

29 Nov

iXi Bike Breakaway

Will you really ride on this kind of bike?  in a suit?  I can’t see myself doing it – but if you were living in a city – well – this might even be better than a car.

01 May

Bixi Bike In Toronto

While not all Torontian are on human growth hormone supplements – they can now make use of the Bixi bike share program that was recently launched this week – to better their health and save the earth.  We all want to be healthy and happy and one way is to boost our immune system.  So […]

05 Apr

Get Cash Instantly!

The spouse sends money home every now and then to get her bills paid – like her credit cards and money for her parents – we used to get our local bank to make a bank transfer – but as you know bank transfer are expensive.  So the other day – a friend who works […]

14 Feb

Computer Sales & Service

I’m glad that business is slowly getting better for us at the store – a few years ago, we thought we might need to close the store and go out and find jobs  – both the spouse and myself.  Now that we are seeing an increase in loyal customer, we also need to get a […]

10 Feb

Internship With Local Company

I received a call from the local town council today asking if I would take in a young adult at our store – for an internship like – or rather an on the job training to earn credits for an  online university degree.   Interesting eh?  I didn’t think that it was required – but i […]

15 Jan

Crafty Kid

We’ve got quite a creative kid here. She especially loves to draw and paint and has been since she was quite young. I think she was barely a year old when she started making actual drawings, not just mindless scribbles. It took us a while to realize it at first, but after seeing the same […]

01 Apr

Video Games & Your Kids

When your kid goes to a video store and buys a “M” rated game, do you blame it on the video store owners or do you teach your kid not to lie and not to do something you don’t approve of? As a parent myself, I asked myself what i would have done in that […]