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18 Mar

Street Percussion

Unlike the spouse, I’m not particularly interested in street music but when she saw some performing in the city last summer, she had to dragged us all to the waterfront to watch the performance by these street artistes.  I was very much intrigue by what they can do with just a tiny instrument and I [...]

01 Mar

Boosting Pedal

Shopping for a boosting pedal and was recommended the  mxr mc401 at guitar center  .  I wanted something affordable and most people found that having this boosting pedal makes a great difference in the music one plays. I’ve always read that the Custom Audio Electronics–Bradshaw is a trusted brand by the pros, therefore, it would [...]

25 Feb

Acoustic Electric Bass

I haven’t played on an acoustic electric bass before but I know that one can get a  acoustic bass at wwbw  as a buddy of mine bought one. I would love to have one for myself even though I don’t play the bass that well but it’s a pretty cool gadget to get for my [...]

20 Feb

South Park The Stick Of Truth

Bought the game new from EB game at $65, figured I would like it since I love the South Park for ages now.  Figured when I am done with it I will resell it for $45 since it is a fairly short game.   This is a role playing game as per the show but some [...]

15 Feb


George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in this movie would make anyone think that this has got to be a great movie but mannn! I was disappointed !  besides showing how she was stuck in limbo and in space, there was very little action to be honest.  So this movie as per my humble opinion is [...]

04 Feb

DJ Controller

  Checking out this  novation twitch case  for a customer and wanted to make sure that I’m getting the right thing in for him.  Sometimes, when a customer wants you to order something special, I have to go to my trusty music website and get all the information for him before ordering.  This is for [...]

03 Feb

Skylander Swap Force

The Skylander game itself is definitely making us all broke.  The 100s of figurine one has to buy just to play the game.  And it’s not only the Skylander’s figurines, you have to buy the swap force figurines if you want to play the swap force game and of course the disk/game itself to play [...]

01 Feb

Gaming Snacks

The spouse handed me some  b17  aka apricot kennels for snacks when I am gaming and took away all my junk food and guess what ?  I fell in love with this snack.  It is pretty good and is said to be very good for health.   It has natural enzymes and B15 in it [...]

30 Jan

Captain Phillips

Love the movie and Tom Hanks did an absolutely great portray of the real Captain Richard Phillips.  Based on a true account of the hijacking of a cargo ship – the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama.  A group of Somali pirates hijacked the cargo ship and demanded ransom for the captain after their failed attempt to [...]

28 Jan

Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Folks come into the store all the time looking for a new guitar especially for beginners and even though I recommend the  new epiphone dr-100 acoustic guitar  to them, they want to spend more on an electric guitar.  Of course, I don’t stop them from spending more money at the store but if you want [...]

05 Jan

Lone Ranger

A Disney movie and I didn’t expect to see so much gun fire and bloody scenes.  But Johnny Depp being in this movie, it was a pretty hilarious one.  Depp plays Tonto in this movie and he was actually in some sort of a circus museum and was telling a story to a small kid [...]

23 Dec

Music Gadgets

For those who have been to my store, you would know that we do carry some music gadgets and instruments and when we don’t have what a customer need, we outsource it like the  exceptional arturia keyboards at Musicians Friend that a customer/friend needed for recording. I was only too happy to help with getting [...]

15 Dec

Saxaphone Music

 Listening to someone play the saxaphone in the club makes me what to get one and learn how to play some jazz on a saxaphone too.  I was out with the spouse with her friends, like a couple’s night and the spouse loved jazz on the saxophone, so I might just get a  yamaha tenor [...]

05 Dec

Music Speakers Around The Town

A week or so ago, I was out throwing garbage when I heard some music playing in the background.  A look around, I saw some  speakers on the side street.  I figured it had to be the town’s idea and a few days later, speakers were sprouting out around the Main Street area downtown.  Had [...]