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28 Feb

We’ve Got Winners !

Yes, it does looks like we have winners in our town, this afternoon a young man came in to buy these 2 boxes and paid $4 each for these magic card boxes.  So he paid up and he just got outta the door and came right back in and asked why the boxes are empty […]

20 Feb

South Park The Stick Of Truth

Bought the game new from EB game at $65, figured I would like it since I love the South Park for ages now.  Figured when I am done with it I will resell it for $45 since it is a fairly short game.   This is a role playing game as per the show but some […]

30 Jun

Funky T-Shirts

Funky and Hilarious t-shirts that I would wear.  Do you have a hard time printing or personalizing a t-shirt that would make yo8u stand out – well, here is the idea.  Pretty cool and neat eh.  I would definitely wear these t-shirts.

24 Jun

LED Tweezers

Not for me but definitely a great present for the spouse who is always asking for help with twee zing her eyebrows because she can’t see properly.  For $9.99 at – I think the spouse might just love me more for it.

15 Jun

iPod Inspired Table

For the Apple lovers like a friend of mine in Italy, I bet he wants to own one of these since every gadget of his is from Apple.  A die hard fan for sure.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where one can get them but I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to find it […]

03 May

T-Shirts For Geek’s Kids

Cute t-shirt for those geek’s kids.

03 Jan

Really? it’s a shoe?!?

When the spouse showed me this Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes, I didn’t know that it was a shoe to be honest – in fact, I thought it was some sort of designer ornament to be placed in the living room for some arty farty effect.  But yes, it’s a shoe and I can’t see […]

10 Apr

Bolt Action Tactical Pen

For $50 – I think I will continue to annoy my co-workers with an ordinary pen if I am the fidgety kind.   I think it is a neat pen – don’t get me wrong – but for $50 – I think my wife would kill me.   But if you want one – and have […]

23 Mar

US$49K For Living Expenses For Kim Dotcom

First of all – who in the hell would changed their family name to Dotcom?  a little bit crazy or obnoxious?  maybe a little of both – I have to say.  Known as the download pirate king – I think the Feds are making him a target as well as a precedent to deter people […]

01 Mar

Self Stirring Microwave Bowl

Yes! we certainly hate it when one part of the soup is still cold and another part is scotching hot and burn your lips and tongue and maybe even your throat because you swallowed too quick.   So comes this invention from Quirky a self stirring microwave bowl – which I must say is quite […]

15 Feb

The Ultimate Old Gamer’s Bedsheets

Now it would be awesome to get a bedsheet of the same pattern for any gamer who loved the old type of game system.  I for one am into it – unfortunately, this were hand made and I can’t seems to find it anywhere else to buy them.  You would think that some rich entrepreneur […]

15 Jan

Angry Bird USB Flash Drives

I’m thinking I should order some  Angry Bird USB Flash Drive to sell in the store – the ones that you can get from EMTEC – but I might have to buy them in bulk from Hong Kong to make it worth my while and make some money out of it.  Afterall, everyone is crazy […]

05 Dec

For The Cat

Why put your poor cat in a cage right?  it’s just not right – even if the spouse don’t like kitty like we do – the kitty still deserve something to crawl into at night.  This Native American Teepee is pretty unique isn’t it ? meant for your cats and made of 100% recycled cardboard […]

15 Nov

Yellow Peanut M&M Boombox

I cannot believed that this thing will work – made with recycled material – no batteries needed – is said to be light and you can carry it anywhere you like – and of course – the unique designed used – but not original since it is M & M peanuts candy.  But you can […]