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06 Mar

MSI R9 290X Lightning Graphics Card

This graphic card will cost me at least $1000 after shipping and it was many years ago, and I was still gaming big time, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it and go ga-ga over it.  But at this point of time, since I’m more into console games, I just read over the review and check [...]

20 Feb

South Park The Stick Of Truth

Bought the game new from EB game at $65, figured I would like it since I love the South Park for ages now.  Figured when I am done with it I will resell it for $45 since it is a fairly short game.   This is a role playing game as per the show but some [...]

03 Feb

Skylander Swap Force

The Skylander game itself is definitely making us all broke.  The 100s of figurine one has to buy just to play the game.  And it’s not only the Skylander’s figurines, you have to buy the swap force figurines if you want to play the swap force game and of course the disk/game itself to play [...]

20 Jan

Born Of The Gods

Preparing for the per-release of the Magic The Gathering for the 1st February.   I hope the turn out is good because some gamer wants to go up to Halifax to play.  Yes, that would sux ! but what can you do, just be happy with the ones that shows up. We don’t get the Digby [...]

10 Dec

Kinect Jump Rope Beta Testing

Uncharted Play has this Kinect jump rope on beta testing at the moment – limited edition at $129.00.  So if you are into exercising and losing wait, check out this Pulse Kinetic jump rope and the best part of it is, it converts your motion into usable electricity.  Pretty cool eh.   So think about charging [...]

26 Oct

Previously Used Games

Previously used games are games that were played by another player and he is done with it and wants to trade in for another game or some money.  Why parents wouldn’t buy previously used games for their kids is beyond me.  Previously used games works just as well as any other games put out in [...]

24 Oct

Be Wary Of Shopping On Ebay

Buyers Beware! when shopping on ebay.  Being a veteran shopper and seller at ebay, you would think that I wouldn’t be scammed or lose any money – after all ebay did promised to keep the buyers safe.  But it is not the case when I bought a retro game for $150 – received the game [...]

18 Oct

Iron Man 3 Figurines

No one can resist these Iron Man 3 figurines – been a great sale lately.  Figured we should get some at the store to sell because Iron Man 3 is out in the movies and we all love a good Iron Man movie.

15 Oct

MineCraft Xbox 360

A copy of Minecraft xbox 360 came into the store recently and since the kid is into minecraft of late – like building boxes on the internet, I figured I would bring it home and play it with her on Sundays.  Sundays are our father and daughter time – and playing games with her seems [...]

20 Sep


The GTA V was released a few days ago and I’ve already gotten a 2nd hand copy today.  Which makes me wonder if it is that good.  Of course, I had to keep the copy for myself to check it out, which I did immediately. I’ve read that the game is supposed to be very [...]

15 Sep

Black & White Plasma Freeze

The Plasma Freeze Expansion is for sale now at my store.  This is the  newest expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is in stores now, bringing more than 110 new cards to collect and play.

10 Mar

Everquest Free To Play

Everquest will turn 14 years old in a few days, in fact – I started playing Everquest a week before the store was opened – Interesting eh!  And now you can play Everquest for free – no more monthly fees but of course, there is a catch to it.  If you see the chart I’ve [...]

03 Mar

PS4 Impact On Used Game Stores

So everyone had been talking about the PS4 and the new Xbox 720 that will be released this Christmas 2013 and how both Sony and Microsoft are thinking of phasing out the disc.  Therefore used game stores like ours would be impacted – but how impacted will we be?  Firstly, I don’t think both Sony [...]

22 Feb

Scrabble On Facebook

Although Scrabble on Facebook isn’t new to FB users, I just started getting into it of late and I’m pretty much a Scrabble hound right now.  Love the game and it’s really intriguing – you can play with your friends or any random person online.  Free on FB, you can play it on your computer [...]