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17 Apr

Dungeon Runners Revisited

I was looking through my games folder and realized I hadn’t played Dungeon Runners in quite some time, so I fired it up to see how things were going. Patching, not surprising since it’s been so long, so after 10 minutes it was all set and updated. I see there’s been some improvements, and the […]

01 Nov

Dungeon Runners Update

Since EQ2 was down for a small patch or maintenance this morning I fired up Dungeon Runners for the first time in a couple weeks and found there was a new patch for that as well.  PvP has had lots of improvements that should help balance things out and make it more fun.  I hadn’t […]

18 Sep

A few updates

The humor in Dungeon Runners continues to amuse me, even though the monster variety is getting a bit thin. I usually only play the game for a half hour at a time so if i don’t manage to find a door to the next level, when I come back to the game later I have […]

04 Sep

More Dungeon Runners

Still having a bit of fun with this one, made it down to level 6 of the main entry dungeon and found the small village type area off of level 5 which you can teleport to from the main town. That’ll save me 5 levels of killing whenever I want to go back in that […]

30 Aug

Now we’re getting somewhere

I spent some more time in Dungeon Runners last night and quickly discovered that even though it looks like World of Warcraft, it plays like Diablo. Click click click click click potion click click click potion click click DING! Level 2 click click click and so on. It’s fun! I’m currently up to level 7 […]

29 Aug

Dungeon Runners

Dungeon Runners is a relatively new online RPG that feels very similar to World of Warcraft. It’s free to download and free to play, so that’s a big plus for it right there. The world feels fairly populated and quests are done a lot like in WoW as well, with quest givers having a big […]