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10 Mar

Everquest Free To Play

Everquest will turn 14 years old in a few days, in fact – I started playing Everquest a week before the store was opened – Interesting eh!  And now you can play Everquest for free – no more monthly fees but of course, there is a catch to it.  If you see the chart I’ve […]

18 Aug

Crafting in my Spare Time

Since the guild hall has everything you need all in one room, including Writ givers, I’ve taken to burning through some crafting levels in my spare time. Kal had changed over to woodworking a couple years back but I only ever got him up to mid 40’s before getting bored. Woodworker’s get to make clubs […]

04 Aug

Damn that’s a nice Guild Hall

I see that in my absence real Guild Halls were added to the world of EQ2 and damn are they nice. And expensive to maintain. But the features are so worth it! in one room we have a banker, broker, all top end crafting stations, a harvest storage box and 3 harvesters that we can […]

04 Aug

To Stay or Move

The same people I used to play EQ2 with are still playing on the same server, pretty much on the same nights of the week. The trouble is there are so few of them that getting a group going rarely happens, so I’ve been thinking of grabbing some cheap moving boxes, dropping the $25 and […]

26 Jul

Quest Whoring Continues

Hi, my name is Kalamaf and I’m a quest whore. I’ve always freely admitted to that and it holds true even after a year long break. Tonight is the first time I’ve really dragged myself out of the guild hall to go adventuring and where do I find myself? Rivervale, trying to complete more of […]

22 Jul

Damnit, Sucked in Again

13 months since my last subscription expired but here I am firing up EverQuest 2 again. This time I blame the goons and their promise of quinny buzz riding fun! Actually it’s a run speed cape for newbies, but since I’m reactivating my old account there’s no fancy cape for me. Looks like a lot […]

02 Jun

EQ and EQ2 free for 60 days

If you’ve ever had an EQ1 or EQ2 account but currently aren’t subscribing, SOE wants you back and they’re going to give you 60 days for free. On top of that they’re giving free access to all expansions currently available. That doesn’t mean much to me for EQ2, since I had bought RoK when it […]

19 Feb

EQ2 has expired, now what?

I canceled my recurring 3 month subscription to EverQuest 2 a couple of months back and now that my billing cycle has come up, I’m done, for a while at least. I’m not exactly hurting for games to play these days and the xbox 360 is great for relaxing on the couch and killing time. […]

10 Feb

Shards of Dalaya

For anyone getting the urge to fire up the original EverQuest for nostalgic purposes, Shards of Dalaya is a free way to do so as long as you have Titanium version or higher. SoD is an EQ emulation, free to use and play although donations are appreciated and used to keep the server running. It […]

04 Feb

Need Furniture

I could use some new furniture for my humble little 3 roomer in North Freeport. Chairs that match would be a good start, and maybe some platform beds for those times when company gets too drunk to leave. Could just let ’em sleep on the floor though, cheaper for me and funnier too when one […]

22 Jan

Ding 32, time for new Mastercrafted Leather

A great thing about playing video games is the complete political incorrectness of it all, at least as far as animal treatment is considered. Don’t get me wrong, I hate it when animals are mistreated out here in the real world, but this is a game and I can separate virtual from reality without going […]

22 Jan

Ack, rent time

As usual now that I can do all my selling directly from any broker in the game, I tend to forget to go back and pay the rent once in a while. Not that it really matters since I only have 1 box full usually, but if the rent ain’t paid then people can’t go […]

22 Jan

Having Said That…

… the alts are still running a little dry on overall fun. Maybe it’s from having 4 alts all between levels 22 and 32 so they’re all adventuring in the pretty much the same couple of zones. Whatever the reason, it’s starting to feel like I’m just running on a treadmill grinding a few levels […]

22 Jan

Skullpoker Rules

He dies a lot, but then necros aren’t exactly afraid of death. Lately I’ve been playing my rat necro, Skullpoker, and in the last couple days I’ve taken him from level 20 to 23 just hanging around the docks in Thundering Steppes. It’s time to head back to civilization though and hit the broker for […]