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26 Oct

New (used) video card

I’ve been using a Radeon X1950 PRO video card for about 4 years now. It was good when I got it and it was on sale for $199, so it was pretty cheap too. Only had 256mb RAM though so even though it would play most new games you just couldn’t crank up the graphics […]

01 Oct

Lord of the Rings Online

So even though I’m still ‘active’ in EQ2, my sub runs out in about 3 weeks, I haven’t really felt like playing it. Kind of a waste of monthly fees this time around and I think part of it is that as an Inquisitor, combat is just so damn slow and boring. I know a […]

29 May

Gaming Updates

Over the last few days I’ve been making some progress in my current 3 games. LOTRO Trial, now level 14 and have been running around the Shire, helping hobbits. Still having fun with it, and the challenge level has gone up a little bit. Not much though, but I have died a couple of times […]

25 May


Dinggg 10. Ok so it’s a minor ding, but I’m having fun and enjoying this great game while I can. If I come into some extra money (is there really any such thing?) over the next few days I just might have to pick up a copy. Otherwise, once my 10 days is up, it’ll […]

23 May

Of course I’m a dwarf

First impressions, LOTRO is pretty good. Runs fairly smooth at 1600×1200 on High settings, would be better if I had a faster CPU I’m sure, and more RAM. Task manager has LOTRO using 416mb currently with total system load being around 1209mb (I only have 1gb so it’s doing a fair bit of swapping as […]

23 May


Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar Long ass name for a game, about to see how it stacks up. Some friends have started playing it recently so I snagged a buddy key (10 day free trial) from one of them and borrowed his discs. Installing it now and will try it out later […]