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22 Feb

Scrabble On Facebook

Although Scrabble on Facebook isn’t new to FB users, I just started getting into it of late and I’m pretty much a Scrabble hound right now.  Love the game and it’s really intriguing – you can play with your friends or any random person online.  Free on FB, you can play it on your computer […]

04 Jun

Gaming Outdoors

Summer is here and not only is the outdoor inviting because we had our patio done for a long time now but haven’t been using it much because there isn’t enough outdoor lighting .  So this year – we’ve decided that we are going to brighten up the backyard and the lawn – so that […]

28 May

Interesting People You Meet Online

I meet some very interesting people when I am playing online games or join an online forum – and the things being discussed have to be the most interesting.  From movies to  back acne treatment and of course games – some loved to talk about their health issues while others talk about their relationships.  But […]

05 Feb

Cabela Hunting Game

Every other day at least one customer would come in the store and ask for the Cabela Hunting games – whether on a console or computer game, seriously I didn’t know that hunting games were so popular till now.  For the longest time, we’ve always stock hunting games – but when the big boys came […]

18 Dec


The latest time waster I’ve started playing on Facebook is CityVille. It’s pretty much like every other facebook game by Zynga. You get some money and energy points, you do a few things and then wait a while before you can do more things. But it’s kinda fun and about as addictive as the other […]

24 Jun

All Facebook Games are Alike

Every time I fire up a new Facebook game I can’t help but feel that I’ve played it before. Sure the graphics are different and the names of things are similar but not quite the same. But the basics are identical. Click on something and energy gets used. When energy is gone you have to […]

11 May

Cafe World’s New Menu

For someone who plays Cafe World on facebook for a long time now – i know they said that Cafe World is still on beta – but they keep changing things every few days – this morning – i found that they changed the menu too.  Mannn!!  they really have to give it a break  […]

30 Apr


A couple years ago or so when I was playing MTGO (Magic Online) quite regularly, I was running a couple bots to buy and sell cards whenever I wasn’t using my computer for other things. It was a good way to build my personal collection, but then they released MTGO v3 and all the existing […]

11 Aug

Extreme Gamers

Everytime I read about Japanese gamers.. and how some would die in front of their computer or gaming system, it never failed to leave me flabbergasted. How do one get to this extreme and ignore their health and even their life. Someone that I came to know online was on disability insurance played all day […]

05 Jul

Evony – Time Wasted

Well, Evony feels like the biggest waste of time ever. I went to sleep one night with a couple of decent size towns and 2 smaller towns. I woke up in the morning to find I had been attacked 153 times by the same person and completely lost my 2 biggest towns. Weeks spent building […]

15 Jun

Evony – Update

I’m past the 1 week mark, around 10 or 11 days now actually, and the game is still pretty fun. I’ve just started work on my third city, my first one is getting built up quite nicely and the second is a cash cow. After the beginner protection was lifted I started scouting and attacking […]

06 Jun

Evony – free online MMORTS

I’m bored. And since playing a new game sounds like more fun than buying faucets online I figured I’d check out this new game I saw advertised in my own sidebar, Evony. FREE FOREVER! They really like to pimp that free forever feature. As with most free online games these days you can choose to […]

16 May

Tower Defense Games

I’ve become a little addicted to tower defense games lately. Up until about a month ago I never knew there was a whole genre dedicated to this type of game. The first one I played was Crystal Defenders on the XBox 360. Put your dudes along a path, monsters walk along the path and hopefully […]

29 Apr

Free Realms

Everyone else is talking about this new game from SOE so I figured I might as well too. I started playing today and it was easy to jump into. I didn’t have to create an account since I already have a station account, and it only downloads the parts you need as you need them […]