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05 Jul

Evony – Time Wasted

Well, Evony feels like the biggest waste of time ever. I went to sleep one night with a couple of decent size towns and 2 smaller towns. I woke up in the morning to find I had been attacked 153 times by the same person and completely lost my 2 biggest towns. Weeks spent building […]

06 Jun

Evony – free online MMORTS

I’m bored. And since playing a new game sounds like more fun than buying faucets online I figured I’d check out this new game I saw advertised in my own sidebar, Evony. FREE FOREVER! They really like to pimp that free forever feature. As with most free online games these days you can choose to […]

10 Apr

The West – Slow Browser Game

I started playing The West about a week or so ago after seeing it recommended by a fellow goon. It’s one of those free web browser games, set in the old west, and at times it’s painfully slow. That’s not really a bad thing though, you can spend less than 10 minutes a day ‘playing’ […]

12 Oct

Facebook Games

Most games on Facebook don’t hold my interest for very long. For the most part they remind of those old BBS games like Hack & Slash and Tradewars, but less complex. Two that have stuck with me the longest so far are Scratch & Win and Pull Tabs, they’re simple, mildly fun and can be […]

29 May

Gaming Updates

Over the last few days I’ve been making some progress in my current 3 games. LOTRO Trial, now level 14 and have been running around the Shire, helping hobbits. Still having fun with it, and the challenge level has gone up a little bit. Not much though, but I have died a couple of times […]

26 May

Yo Ho Ho and all that

I’m holding a firm grasp at 4th place on the pirate ladder. The top 3 are still over 200 points ahead though so it’s gonna take a while to catch up. There’s still 40 days left in the round however so it’s still any body’s game. Join in! It’s fun! My only concern here is […]

24 May

Pirate Life continued

Yarrrghhh! A day in the life of a pirate has brought me up in the ranks fairly quickly, so far. I’m talking of course, about Legend of Morgan. I’m now up to reputation 97 (8th place overall) with the current top pirate being over 400 rep. I’ve learned a few things since yesterday.. such as, […]

24 May

Arrrrr matey

Be a pirate and have a chance to win some real money every 45 days? Hell yeah, sign me up!Legend of Morgan is a web based game where you take on the role of a pirate. At the end of every round, the top 3 pirates win real cash, with the 1st place prize being […]

21 May

Cat with Bow Golf

Here’s a crazy & fun little web game I was introduced to last week. Cat with Bow Golf Pretty much the whole site is in Japanese or Chinese or something, so you kinda have to figure it out on your own. Not too difficult though, basically you’re a cat with a bot and you have […]

09 Mar

Club Pogo

Haven’t played anything on in a long time so the other day I went back to play me some word whomp and noticed a free trial for club pogo. Figured I might as well check it out since most of the regular games haven’t changed much in years. There are some fun new games […]