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03 Feb

Skylander Swap Force

The Skylander game itself is definitely making us all broke.  The 100s of figurine one has to buy just to play the game.  And it’s not only the Skylander’s figurines, you have to buy the swap force figurines if you want to play the swap force game and of course the disk/game itself to play […]

18 Nov

Wii U For Sale Now

If you are planning to get this for a Christmas present – I suggest you get it immediately – else you might not get one for months.  Remembering how the wii consoles went for sale when they first came out ?  yes ! everyone was rushing to get it – but the demand was a […]

23 Oct

Skylanders Giants

Look who has got the Skylanders Giants?  and the best part of buying the Giants or any Skylanders games is they work with all the systems.  PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii  – all 3 newest consoles  – you can play with it and it’s pretty cool and neat.  We’ve just started playing with it […]

18 Jun

Skylanders 2 Giants Coming Soon In The Fall

So far we still have children coming in to buy Skylanders figurine for the game – so I’m going to say that the new Skylanders Giants is going to be more popular during Christmas.  There will be new characters of course but the old ones are still usable for the new game  – so I […]

13 Dec

Wii Guitar For Rock Band

I have just about any kind of guitar for all the game  systems except of course the one I need most for a customer.  A Wii guitar for rock band never seems to come into our store – and when you need one – it’s even harder.  I had a customer who came in to […]

18 Jun

Cheap Wii Consoles With Games

I’m sure by now everyone knows that Wii had lower their prices on the Wii consoles and package a awesome game with it right?  Yes the Mario Kart isn’t a cheap game either – but all new wii games or any games isn’t cheap right.   But for $149 – you can now get a new […]

09 Oct

Playstation Move

The Playstation Move is out now but I don’t plan to buy it. I’ve already had a used one come through my store but I didn’t even bother to bring it home to try it out. I put it out for sale and it was gone within an hour though, so people do want it, […]

08 Apr

Enough with the Motion controls!

God damn it Microsoft and Sony, just because everyone went ape shit over the stupid Wii and it’s motion controls doesn’t mean you need to do it too! You know what? I own a Wii, and a 360 and a PS3. The Wii hasn’t been used in months while the 360 and PS3 get used […]