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20 Feb

South Park The Stick Of Truth

Bought the game new from EB game at $65, figured I would like it since I love the South Park for ages now.  Figured when I am done with it I will resell it for $45 since it is a fairly short game.   This is a role playing game as per the show but some […]

10 Dec

Kinect Jump Rope Beta Testing

Uncharted Play has this Kinect jump rope on beta testing at the moment – limited edition at $129.00.  So if you are into exercising and losing wait, check out this Pulse Kinetic jump rope and the best part of it is, it converts your motion into usable electricity.  Pretty cool eh.   So think about charging […]

15 Oct

MineCraft Xbox 360

A copy of Minecraft xbox 360 came into the store recently and since the kid is into minecraft of late – like building boxes on the internet, I figured I would bring it home and play it with her on Sundays.  Sundays are our father and daughter time – and playing games with her seems […]

20 Sep


The GTA V was released a few days ago and I’ve already gotten a 2nd hand copy today.  Which makes me wonder if it is that good.  Of course, I had to keep the copy for myself to check it out, which I did immediately. I’ve read that the game is supposed to be very […]

03 Mar

PS4 Impact On Used Game Stores

So everyone had been talking about the PS4 and the new Xbox 720 that will be released this Christmas 2013 and how both Sony and Microsoft are thinking of phasing out the disc.  Therefore used game stores like ours would be impacted – but how impacted will we be?  Firstly, I don’t think both Sony […]

23 Oct

Skylanders Giants

Look who has got the Skylanders Giants?  and the best part of buying the Giants or any Skylanders games is they work with all the systems.  PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii  – all 3 newest consoles  – you can play with it and it’s pretty cool and neat.  We’ve just started playing with it […]

27 Nov

Yard Sale Find

Local yard sale on FB is fun to watch – especially when the prices are right – but once in a while you have people asking for prices that I would sell the exact things for in a store – so it’s no longer a yard sale find.  These set of Guitar Heroes and games […]

27 Jan

Two Worlds II

Finally! It’s here! And after playing about 5 hours I gotta say, I like it! It’s not as “open worldy” as the first one, but I haven’t had a problem with feeling boxed in. Whenever I’m running around working on a quest I nearly always get side tracked with exploring and finding things to kill. […]

25 Jan

Up – The Game

Yesterday the kid was home from school since she had a cold. She came to work with us as usual though since we have an area in the back for her, but of course she was bored, so I put Up in the 360 and let her play that for a while. She needed help […]

02 Dec

CSI = Easy 1000 Gamerscore

I tried out one of the CSI games, Fatal Conspiracy, on the 360 this week and it was rather fun since it was quite different than what I usually play. It was pretty easy overall, once you get the hang of what you’re supposed to do as far as comparing evidence and testing things. I […]

11 Jul

“M” For Mature Games

We are very careful these days when it comes to selling “M” rated games – “M” rated means mature games – that sometimes include violence, nudity and blood/killing. We are careful – not only because it is by law we cannot sell “M” rated games to minor but we cannot in good conscience turn a […]

05 Jul

Bioshock 2: Forgot I Had It

After finishing off Final Fantasy XIII I headed to my game shelf to see what I should work on next. I only had a few achievements left to get in Lego Indiana Jones so I blew through those in a couple of hours and then looked again. I settled on Bioshock 2, a game I […]

24 Jun

Take it With You

I used to bring my xbox 360 hard drive to work with me from time to time so I’d have access to my library of Rock Band songs available in the store when I had it running on demo. Now I’ve got all my save games and most of my Rock Band songs on a […]

19 Apr

cod modern warfare 2

I don’t even want to get started but some people are just a pain and definitely need some Acneticin. Why? they are not only crooks but they are crooks that are so ignorant – you really wanna smack them. A crook rented a game from us a month ago and instead of returning it and […]