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08 Apr

Enough with the Motion controls!

God damn it Microsoft and Sony, just because everyone went ape shit over the stupid Wii and it’s motion controls doesn’t mean you need to do it too! You know what? I own a Wii, and a 360 and a PS3. The Wii hasn’t been used in months while the 360 and PS3 get used […]

24 Mar

Rock Band Network

The Rock Band Network finally launched a couple weeks ago and already has over 150 songs available from artists both popular and obscure. It seems to be a great service for smaller bands and artists but there’s some pretty big names putting out songs via RBN as well. The biggest news I heard this week,big […]

24 Mar

Final Fantasy XIII played

I’ve been playing the game for 8 hours so far, and while it was a little slow starting it’s ramping up to be pretty good. The story, as with most FF games, is getting quite deep and involved and is sure to be one of the best things about the game. Does nutrisystem work? I […]

16 Mar

Awesome deal on Xbox 360 Arcade this week

I was looking through the weekly flyers a couple days ago and was very surprised to see that at least 2 stores have the Xbox 360 arcade systems on sale for just $129.99 this week (regular price of $199.99). I ran out and bought 2 of them to resell in my own store since normally […]

01 Mar

Final Fantasy XIII

So it’s a no-brainer that I’ll be picking up Final Fantasy XIII next week when it launches, but I still haven’t decided which console to get it for. I love the 360, especially the controller, but I hear the PS3 will have a bit of an edge this time around when it comes to graphics […]

20 Feb

Sore Neck from Playing Rock Band

I hadn’t played any music games for a couple of weeks and then 2 nights ago I spent a couple hours on Rock Band. The first hour on drums and then another hour on guitar. Was fun, got my ass kicked by the new Megadeth songs. I did OK on some but then for others […]

20 Feb

Bioshock 2

I’ve only played this one for a few hours so far but it’s looking pretty good. The graphics are smooth and crisp and the story is looking to be a little twisted like the first one. I’m not sure if I like playing as a Big Daddy though, he seems pretty wimpy early on although […]

20 Feb

Sacred 2

I picked this game up from Goozex months ago but on my old TV it looked like crap. The text was too small to read comfortably and I could never seem to tell what was going on. Random things on the ground could have been blood splatters, outdoor cushions or small rodents for all I […]

21 Jan

Decimation X

New from the guys who will eventually bring you Duality ZF comes the hot newretro shoot ’em up ‘Decimation X’. It’s available to purchase on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace for the whopping price of 80 MS points, that’s roughly $1. It’s definitely worth the buck especially for people wanting a kick of nostalgia. […]

20 Jan


Ever since I first saw the cover of Darksiders I’ve wanted to play it. I had no idea what the game was about, I hadn’t seen any screenshots, I didn’t even know what style the game was. RPG? Action? Hack & slash? Didn’t matter, the cover art was just really cool. But, I’m spoiled since […]

16 Jan

Ghostbusters Finished Finally

I really need to get my butt in gear and finish off more of these games I’ve had on the shelf for months on end. I last played Ghostbusters in Sept. 09 and after trying a boss a few times I shut it off and went to bed. This morning I finally got around to […]

06 Dec

Broke 25k GamerScore

I just broke 25000 GS tonight on the ol’ Xbox 360. Actually it was 26k but 1k of that almost feels like cheating and went by so fast I forgot about it for a minute there. Someone traded in that Avatar at my store the other day, the one where you can get all 1000 […]

25 Nov

Can’t Get Enough Borderlands

I finished Borderlands last night and then proceeded to finish off the rest of the quests this morning. Then I remembered that they’ve released some DLC for the game already, something about Zombies, so I went to check it out and promptly bought it. I booted up the game and started Playthrough 2 since I […]

23 Nov

Gotta Love the Micro$oft Warranty

Bought another dead xbox 360 today for $30. Less than 3 years old and the warranty sticker is still intact, so off to the repair center it goes and in a few weeks I’ll have a shiny ‘new’ system to stick on the shelf to sell. And another free month of Xbox live Gold. My […]