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27 Nov

Yard Sale Find

Local yard sale on FB is fun to watch – especially when the prices are right – but once in a while you have people asking for prices that I would sell the exact things for in a store – so it’s no longer a yard sale find.  These set of Guitar Heroes and games […]

08 Apr

Goodbye WoW, again, for now

Yesterday my time card expired and I didn’t even miss it, so I guess it’s time to take another break. I’ll miss my lil dwarves and gnomes though, with their bald shiny heads and funky hairdos; keep those hair loss treatments away from my toons while I’m gone! Summer is coming and business will get […]

01 Jul

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Since I’m not a huge Aerosmith fan and the game only contains around 40 songs but sports a full price sticker, I decided to just rent Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I’m glad I did. It’s fun, and easier than GH3 overall. I played through all the songs on Hard and never failed any of them, never […]

15 May

Engobi Guitar Hero competition

ENGOBI, the company responsible for the first caffeine infused snack chip, is having a Guitar Hero contest. Announcing the Engobi “Don’t be a Piano Hero” contest! Make a video of you and your friends rocking out with your plastic guitars and upload them to Engobi. The winner will get this awesome XBox 360 customized Fender […]

12 Apr

Wireless Guitar

The wireless guitars are finally available for the XBox 360, and they’re definitely nice to have. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a guitar by itself, only in the GH3 bundle for $99. I ended up buying a bundle and packing the unopened copy of GH3 in with my used-but-perfect-condition Xplorer guitar and will sell […]

01 Apr

World of WarGuitar

If only this were true! Good job Blizzard on a spectacular April Fool’s joke. I’m sure I wasn’t alone on this line of thinking, but when the Activision/Blizzard merger was first announced I thought “Cool, they should add a bard class to WoW and let people use Guitar controllers to play it.” And now here […]

27 Mar

GH3 Progress! Finally!

Tonight I popped in Guitar Hero III and after playing through a few songs I decided to give 3’s and 7’s a shot, and I got through it on my first try! Only 3 stars of course, but beaten is beaten and on to Knights of Cydonia I go. And I beat that one too, […]

25 Mar

Guitar Hero 3 Brick Wall

Grrrr, I’m still stuck on set 7 in GH3 on hard difficulty. I did manage to scrape my way through Before I Forget, but Knights of Cydonia and 3’s & 7’s still kick my ass every time. Funny enough that I can play through the first 5 sets without failing and getting at least 4 […]

17 Mar

Rock Band/GH3/Burnout Updates

I’m still spending most of my gaming time on Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3 and Burnout Paradise and gradually improving in all three. For Rock Band I’ve beaten every song I have on hard and only have around 10 left to beat on expert, those are going to take a while though. The last 5 […]

17 Dec

Gaming Updates

Been making a bit of progress across the various games I’ve been playing lately. In EQ2 I’ve hit level 75 Inquisitor (and 106 AA) with Kalamaf and level 76 Provisioner with Azeem. Been spending the last couple of days in Fens of Nasthar since I pretty much skipped it earlier and went to Kunzar Jungle. […]

04 Dec

Blizzard/Activision merger

This has been all over the internet for the last few days and by now it probably isn’t news to anyone, but I had to comment on the first thing that popped into my head.  World of Warcraft currently has no bard class, right?  (It’s been so long I actually can’t remember).  Anyway, imagine having […]

02 Dec

Guitar Hero 3 Updates

Earlier this week I finally finished my first minor goal of getting 5 stars on all songs in easy mode.  The only one giving me trouble was Slayer of course, took several tries but I finally managed to nail it.  My next task was to finally beat Lou on medium.  I had tried a few […]

14 Nov

Frets on Fire

If you’ve got Guitar Hero for the XBox 360, or the newly released GH3 for PC, then you’ve got all you need to enjoy this great free game.  The 360 wired guitar works great on Windows XP or Vista, just plug it in and windows will download the driver for it. Frets on Fire is […]

13 Nov

In the Meantime…

So today while waiting for RoK to patch I’ve been doing a bunch of random other things. I did a bit of maintenance on my blogs/websites for about an hour and then went browsing YouTube for videos of songs done on Guitar Hero 3 Expert. Some of them are just insane, I can’t imagine ever […]