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25 Apr

Pain Free Gamer’s Wrist

  Look familiar ?  i’m pretty sure any gamer/s would know what it is – yes, some people called it the gamer’s wrist but to me it’s just pain from too much gaming.  And I’m pretty sure a lot of us is very guilty about it.  I have the same problem too therefore, I looked […]

17 Mar

A Handy Man’s Trash Can

Every guy I know should have  this rev a shelf trash  because it’s got to be one of the neatest design that is sure to improve the look of any kitchen.  I bet my spouse would love me , if I give her one of these trash cans for her birthday.  Ours is just so […]

07 Mar

Easter Gifts For Customers

Some people give easter chocolates, easter flowers, easter cakes and even easter cookie dough to their customers. But this year, I think we might have to get bottles of  l’aromarine  and stuff them in the easter basket to give out to our customers. Of late, some of the customers that have been coming in don’t […]

08 Apr

Farmer’s Fridge

This is your next generation vending machine for those who wants a healthier lifestyle.   The farmer’s fridge is definitely a welcome to the young people staying around the city and have no access to farm fresh food and vegetable.   These salad are freshly picked from the farm and kept fresh in these fridges and using […]

04 Oct

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is so important to the spouse, she gets all cranky when she doesn’t get enough rest, so we had gone shopping for some  memory foam toppers  to help with her sleep.   So if you want to get some game time and no more nagging, make sure the spouse sleeps well and if money […]

03 Sep

Bad Knee

Hurt my knee a couple of months ago and although recovering well, it’s still a long way from being normal.  I couldn’t stand for too long or walk for too long until someone recommended the  knee walker scooter  .  I can either rent it or buy it, so I had a few options but thinking […]

21 May

Flies Control

With the weather a lot warmer, you and I know that the spouse is going to go crazy about the bugs and flies – but the flies are the ones that comes into our store overnight and we don’t even know where they came from.  I found some  insect control products  online that you can […]

07 May

Tea Drinking

Ever since the new cafe opened its door, the spouse is changing over from drinking coffee to tea.  But designer teas from cafe/shop are quite expensive, so the spouse found  tazo chai from cw-usa  which by the way is a lot cheaper and organic too.  She loves it and wants everyone to try it, so […]

20 Jan

Gaming Sessions At Home

 Every now and then we have gaming sessions at my home.  Friends come by the home and we game together but of course, some loved their booze a lot and they drink and fool around during this kind of gaming sessions.  When it’s time to go home, I wished I had this  alcohol saliva test  […]

27 Oct

The Wrestling Place Next To The Y

 There is a wrestling place next to the Y that used to be a video store.  The place went out of business and is now rented out to this wrestling place and half of it to a real estate store.  We had wanted to check out that place when they went out of business but […]

26 Jul

Hurt My Knees

The doctor said I need more exercise, so I went out to play football with my buddies – came back with a bad knee.  Not good at all, especially when I need to stand all the time to work on computers and show customers games and consoles at the store.  I need to find some  […]

08 Jun

Power Mix

Been working out some and the spouse suggested a  vitamix  to do my power mix for mid-day since I’m going to be doing my cycling and runs during lunch time.  She wants me to keep healthy and invest in my health ever since my mother passed away suddenly due to liver cancer.  I figured for […]

19 May

Summer Fun

Time to get my suv bike rack  ready for some summer fun this weekend since the weather is given good all weekend and thru’ Victoria day.  Many will be heading out for camping and hiking as well as biking at the beach.   We were hoping to head out to the city but with hotel rooms […]

05 May

Fun Stuff For This Summer

Getting the backyard ready for summer and the trampoline and pool set up would be what I have to do this weekend.   Bought a  pentair pool pump  for the pool and we are now hoping for good weather tomorrow, so that the kids in the neighborhood can swim some and play together.  We don’t […]