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18 Mar

Street Percussion

Unlike the spouse, I’m not particularly interested in street music but when she saw some performing in the city last summer, she had to dragged us all to the waterfront to watch the performance by these street artistes.  I was very much intrigue by what they can do with just a tiny instrument and I [...]

12 Dec

Perfect Christmas Gift

Found a perfect music gift for my kid – the musician at home or wanna-be and I’ve been looking for it everywhere in town but no one has it – plus I didn’t want to pay alot of money for just a music stand.  But I’m so internet savvy as you know and found an  [...]

13 Jul

Pretty Up The Garden

So we are back from our vacation and visiting the cousins home in New Brunswick – and I’ve now been given an order to pretty up our garden with some  outdoor water fountains  like the cousin’s home in Moncton.  So this weekend, we are going to hunt down some outdoor water fountains and see if [...]

10 Jul

Vacation Shopping

We just got home from a short vacation and looking at the things we brought home and counting the money that we had spent during this trip – when I realized the best buy on this vacation is a  leather wallet  that the spouse bought for me. The spouse bought shoes for herself, and the [...]

19 May

Summer Fun

Time to get my suv bike rack  ready for some summer fun this weekend since the weather is given good all weekend and thru’ Victoria day.  Many will be heading out for camping and hiking as well as biking at the beach.   We were hoping to head out to the city but with hotel rooms [...]

13 Mar

No More Wrinkles

When you are traveling or if you are like us and don’t use an iron and ironing board – check out this Wrinkle Wiz – spray – leave it to dry and your clothes becomes wrinkle free – now how easy is that.  For $5.95 – I want to order it just to try it [...]

20 Dec

Gaming Rights

I brought the spouse out to look at some diamond solitaire rings for Christmas – but she is undecided as to which one to pick – she wanted some earrings too – and I had told her to go ahead and get it.  She said that perhaps I wanted gaming rights – when I buy [...]

02 May

Buying A Gift For My Old Man

The spouse annnounced today that since she is taking care of the mother’s day gift for my mother – I’m to get my own  gift ideas for fathers day and get my old man a present for father’s day.  I’m a man!! and I don’t shop for another man! don’t the woman know that by [...]

26 Mar

Vacation For Geeks

So a few buddy of mine wants to go on a vacation together – where the sun and the beach is without the family – only them guys.  I suggested the NC because they have vacation homes by the beach.   The rentals shared amongst a few geeks is going to be very affordable – they [...]

27 Oct

It’s Almost Here

Ugh, I just realized that since Halloween is just a few days away, that means the Christmas season is just around the corner as well. So once again I’ll be stuck putting up a tree, stringing lights, hanging Christmas wreaths and going bat-shit crazy at work because it’s our busiest time of the year. That [...]

08 Dec

Christmas’ing Stuff Up

Now that there’s only a couple weeks left until Christmas the wife is starting to get after me to get the deco up which means bringing the fake tree up out of the basement, putting up the indoor lighting and this year she’s rather keen on getting some lights up outside as well, on the [...]

07 Nov

What is Black Friday?

I don’t know if it’s that I’m Canadian or maybe I’ve just been living under a rock my whole life, but lately (the last couple of years) I keep hearing about these awesome “Black Friday” sales and never knew what it was. So now that we’re approaching the 2008 Black Friday specials I’m starting to [...]

01 Nov

Christmas Coming Again

As usual Christmas is coming up faster than I can prepare for. Also as usual, the wife and I say we should start shopping now so we don’t have to rush. Also also as usual we probably won’t get much done until the last week. We do have one gift taken care of though, so [...]

18 Jan

Valentine’s Day

Yer woman wants flowers for Valentine’s Day. Even if she says she doesn’t, trust me, she does. It’s less than a month away so you still have time to make your plans, buy flowers, order flowers online, pick up some other Valentines gifts, whatever it is you need to do to keep her happy so [...]