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06 Mar

MSI R9 290X Lightning Graphics Card

This graphic card will cost me at least $1000 after shipping and it was many years ago, and I was still gaming big time, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it and go ga-ga over it.  But at this point of time, since I’m more into console games, I just read over the review and check [...]

04 Mar

Portable Router

Great news to a lot of people out there who travels or needs a wifi connection back on the go. This my friend is the first portable router and charger  from D – Link for sale now.  So for those of you who needs to have a wifi hotspot immediately while you are on the [...]

01 Mar

Boosting Pedal

Shopping for a boosting pedal and was recommended the  mxr mc401 at guitar center  .  I wanted something affordable and most people found that having this boosting pedal makes a great difference in the music one plays. I’ve always read that the Custom Audio Electronics–Bradshaw is a trusted brand by the pros, therefore, it would [...]

25 Feb

Acoustic Electric Bass

I haven’t played on an acoustic electric bass before but I know that one can get a  acoustic bass at wwbw  as a buddy of mine bought one. I would love to have one for myself even though I don’t play the bass that well but it’s a pretty cool gadget to get for my [...]

23 Dec

Music Gadgets

For those who have been to my store, you would know that we do carry some music gadgets and instruments and when we don’t have what a customer need, we outsource it like the  exceptional arturia keyboards at Musicians Friend that a customer/friend needed for recording. I was only too happy to help with getting [...]

15 Dec

Saxaphone Music

 Listening to someone play the saxaphone in the club makes me what to get one and learn how to play some jazz on a saxaphone too.  I was out with the spouse with her friends, like a couple’s night and the spouse loved jazz on the saxophone, so I might just get a  yamaha tenor [...]

10 Dec

Kinect Jump Rope Beta Testing

Uncharted Play has this Kinect jump rope on beta testing at the moment – limited edition at $129.00.  So if you are into exercising and losing wait, check out this Pulse Kinetic jump rope and the best part of it is, it converts your motion into usable electricity.  Pretty cool eh.   So think about charging [...]

05 Dec

Music Speakers Around The Town

A week or so ago, I was out throwing garbage when I heard some music playing in the background.  A look around, I saw some  speakers on the side street.  I figured it had to be the town’s idea and a few days later, speakers were sprouting out around the Main Street area downtown.  Had [...]

28 Oct

Tools Supplies

We are not a hardware store but there are some tools that I need around the store for my work and home, so I go to  for all my tools, maintenance need as well as cable and ties.  I like that I can get everything online and under one website and they have just [...]

24 Oct

Be Wary Of Shopping On Ebay

Buyers Beware! when shopping on ebay.  Being a veteran shopper and seller at ebay, you would think that I wouldn’t be scammed or lose any money – after all ebay did promised to keep the buyers safe.  But it is not the case when I bought a retro game for $150 – received the game [...]

22 Oct

Helping A Friend Move

When a friend is moving out of town, what do you do?  of course, help him if he asked you to or even if he doesn’t and reluctant to see him go, I would offer my help.  With some  lowboy trailers  , it would definitely have made things very easy but since we didn’t have [...]

20 Oct

A Pillow Speaker

There is hope for guys who wants to watch a movie in bed but not disturb the spouse who wants to sleep.  A wireless soft sound speaker pillow from Brookstone.  So how does it work?  well, the wireless speaker is built into your pillow and transmit the sound directly to your ears without disturbing your [...]

10 Sep

Stylus For Androids

A stylus for your androids and ipads or blackberries.  Definitely ! and at our store only $2 – now that’s cheap and effective.  I rather buy a stylus than to scratch the screen of my ipad, therefore I ordered these in for our customers at the store.  for $2 – you can’t go wrong.

31 Jul


A customer came into my store this afternoon and asked for  saxophones  , I have keyboards, I have drum sets, I have guitars but I don’t have saxophones.  So I had to re-direct him to my trusted source online and the only reason why I don’t have the saxophones is because I don’t have enough [...]