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17 Sep

An Anime Wedding

Customer came in and invited us for his wedding in the fall but his is a dress up kind of wedding, an anime or manga wedding.  First of its kind around here but that should be really interesting.  Guests are encourage to dress up too but I’m sure these gold wedding rings  are the ones […]

25 Jun

Wedding In July

A wedding in July only means that I have to dress up in a tux.  But I figured since I won’t be wearing it as often, I can actually buy them from  here  as they are a lot cheaper than renting them from the town bridal store.   Unbelievable but it is true, so I figured […]

28 Feb

We’ve Got Winners !

Yes, it does looks like we have winners in our town, this afternoon a young man came in to buy these 2 boxes and paid $4 each for these magic card boxes.  So he paid up and he just got outta the door and came right back in and asked why the boxes are empty […]

01 Feb

Gaming Snacks

The spouse handed me some  b17  aka apricot kennels for snacks when I am gaming and took away all my junk food and guess what ?  I fell in love with this snack.  It is pretty good and is said to be very good for health.   It has natural enzymes and B15 in it […]

01 Jan

Bed Riser For A Cleaner Floor

Bed, Bath and Beyond sells these for $29.99 and wants to offer this for more storage space for people with small space/rooms. But if you let my spouse sees this, all she can think of is a cleaner floor and no more dust bunnies hiding under the bed.  But if you have a bed that […]

28 Nov

Collectible Coins

I thought about buying gifts for my nephews and kids of friends this year and decided to start something new and traditional for our family or within our friend’s circle.  Some  army challenge coins  or collectible coins for each one of them instead of things that they can easily get in town or around the […]

22 Oct

Helping A Friend Move

When a friend is moving out of town, what do you do?  of course, help him if he asked you to or even if he doesn’t and reluctant to see him go, I would offer my help.  With some  lowboy trailers  , it would definitely have made things very easy but since we didn’t have […]

04 Oct

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is so important to the spouse, she gets all cranky when she doesn’t get enough rest, so we had gone shopping for some  memory foam toppers  to help with her sleep.   So if you want to get some game time and no more nagging, make sure the spouse sleeps well and if money […]

24 Jun

LED Tweezers

Not for me but definitely a great present for the spouse who is always asking for help with twee zing her eyebrows because she can’t see properly.  For $9.99 at – I think the spouse might just love me more for it.

15 Jun

iPod Inspired Table

For the Apple lovers like a friend of mine in Italy, I bet he wants to own one of these since every gadget of his is from Apple.  A die hard fan for sure.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where one can get them but I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to find it […]

21 May

Flies Control

With the weather a lot warmer, you and I know that the spouse is going to go crazy about the bugs and flies – but the flies are the ones that comes into our store overnight and we don’t even know where they came from.  I found some  insect control products  online that you can […]

14 May


So what is WhatsApp?  I was asked the other day – and my answer ?  what the hell is that? yes, I didn’t know but since the spouse wanted to download it – so that she can use it with her friends from Asia.  So I did some reading up on WhatsApp and this was […]

07 May

Tea Drinking

Ever since the new cafe opened its door, the spouse is changing over from drinking coffee to tea.  But designer teas from cafe/shop are quite expensive, so the spouse found  tazo chai from cw-usa  which by the way is a lot cheaper and organic too.  She loves it and wants everyone to try it, so […]

03 May

T-Shirts For Geek’s Kids

Cute t-shirt for those geek’s kids.