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05 Aug

GPT Boston – Worchester

Just got back from New Minas from the Grand Prix Trials and am very tired but happy that I had gone for it.  The games lasted for 6 hrs – I didn’t win anything, in fact was at the bottom of the list – but all in good fun.  Will I go for another one […]

21 Aug

Magic Celebration In September

Come join us at our store for a worldwide Magic Celebration in September 2011.  Lots of goodies and free stuff – come play for free! Magic Celebration An event unlike any other we’ve run before, Magic Celebration will bring together Duels of the Planeswalkers and Magic 2012 Core Set players on September 10th at WPN […]

07 Jul

12 Gamers For Magic

Last week – we had the most players/gamers for Magic The Gathering – thanks to our trusty acer netbooks we were all able to get our scores recorded.  I don’t know why the others bought their netbook – but when I bought my – it was for traveling  – since it was so small and […]

23 Oct

Titanic Wave

Now that Genesis Wave is available on MTGO I’ve started working on a classic version of my Titanic deck. Why? Because it’s nice to bring a bunch of Titans in play at once with the Wave, but like a forgotten bottle of prenatal vitamins they aren’t much good if you don’t get to use them. […]

23 Oct

Draft Win/Lose

As expected I lost the next 2 rounds in my Sealed Scars event the other night, so I only won 3 packs. Last night I used those packs to do a draft, didn’t have a lot of time so I opted for a 4,3,2,2 instead of doing Swiss. I lost in the first round but […]

20 Oct

Scars Update

Scars release events started today in Magic Online so I joined a Sealed Swiss flight. I won my first 2 matches so I’m going to get at least 3 packs as a prize. By posting this of course, I’m going to lose my next 2 matches just because. I picked up a neat little combo […]

17 Oct

Scars of Mirrodin

I did one of the pre-release events for Scars of Mirrodin in Magic Online and had some pretty bad luck with the card pool. I did get a Koth though so that made up for the fact that I lost every match and didn’t win any packs. The Wurmcoil Engine promo card was nice too […]

22 Sep

Tired of Slow Decks

Yep, most of the decks I’ve been building can be fun to play, but they don’t tend to do much for the first few turns. They often get run over by speedy little Elf or burn decks, the type that need radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets while on their way to kill me. So […]

20 Sep

Rebuilding Squirrels Ahoy

It used to have more than just squirrels in it, there were cats and snakes as well, and probably some other little critters I’m forgetting about now. And green lordish type things like Kaysa and Juniper Order Druid. The new version is going to be entirely squirrels if possible, with Doubling Season and some planeswalkers. […]

30 Jul

Still sucking at Online Drafts

I’ve decided that while I’m not giving up completely on drafting online, I’m going to stick to Swiss drafts so I’ll at least get to play all 3 rounds, win or lose. Since making that decision I seem to be doing a little better. I bought 3 packs and drafted a few days ago, winning […]

02 Jun

Tokens tokens tokens

Another old favorite Magic deck of mine was a squirrel deck. It wasn’t all squirrels since there were only a couple squirrel generators back then, but Waiting in the Weeds, Snake Basket and Liege of the Hollows guaranteed that you’d have quite a pack of rodents out pretty quickly. There’s even more token stuff out […]

30 Apr


A couple years ago or so when I was playing MTGO (Magic Online) quite regularly, I was running a couple bots to buy and sell cards whenever I wasn’t using my computer for other things. It was a good way to build my personal collection, but then they released MTGO v3 and all the existing […]

16 Apr

Lots of new M:TG Players in town

Lately it seems like every day there’s at least one person in looking through the Magic cards I have for sale. This is great since before that I’d only get one or two people a month buying cards! Looks like a couple people started playing and now all their friends are starting as well, and […]

06 Nov

MTGO: Lorwyn

Yet another expansion set has come out for Magic: The Gathering but from what I’ve seen it looks cool. I’m not too fond of more and more abilities that they’re dropping on these cards although I do understand the importance of keeping it fresh and evolving it. What I like about this series most is […]