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29 Jul

Magic Pop Figurines

More new Pop figures, Magic and movie related for you to collect for they are so cute and adorable.  Only at $12 + tax, it’s a great gift for anyone who loved Magic related games.

20 Sep

M:TG Kahns pre-release

And the games begins , it is so good to see so many players in this event.

01 Jul

Magic 2015

M 15 scarey looking promotional items came in today and this was one of them.  It is huge!!  and we don’t even know where we are going to put this thing.   I guess for now, it’s just gonna sit in front of the store and scare some little kids when they come into the store.

20 Jan

Born Of The Gods

Preparing for the per-release of the Magic The Gathering for the 1st February.   I hope the turn out is good because some gamer wants to go up to Halifax to play.  Yes, that would sux ! but what can you do, just be happy with the ones that shows up. We don’t get the Digby […]

08 Nov

Pro Stuff

We’ve been selling these like hot cakes – so I ordered more in for the gamers for pokemon and Magic the Gathering.  I liked the fact that I can order things without worrying if they will move immediately because I know that they are in demand.  Sometimes, customers just don’t have the money yet – […]

02 Nov

For The Gamers At The Store

We’ve done custom t-shirts for the Magic The Gathering players who went up to Halifax for their card games – it’s like an investment  – and a walking advertising and even though it wasn’t cheap, I thought that it was alright.  Since winter is coming and the games are still on all year round, maybe […]

05 Aug

GPT Boston – Worchester

Just got back from New Minas from the Grand Prix Trials and am very tired but happy that I had gone for it.  The games lasted for 6 hrs – I didn’t win anything, in fact was at the bottom of the list – but all in good fun.  Will I go for another one […]

21 Aug

Magic Celebration In September

Come join us at our store for a worldwide Magic Celebration in September 2011.  Lots of goodies and free stuff – come play for free! Magic Celebration An event unlike any other we’ve run before, Magic Celebration will bring together Duels of the Planeswalkers and Magic 2012 Core Set players on September 10th at WPN […]

15 Jul

Summer Gaming

A friend had invited the entire family for a BBQ –  in his cottage – which was actually one of those trailer – now I didn’t realized that they were so nice and that there were more than one family in the country having the same kind of model trailers.   So while the family is […]

07 Jul

12 Gamers For Magic

Last week – we had the most players/gamers for Magic The Gathering – thanks to our trusty acer netbooks we were all able to get our scores recorded.  I don’t know why the others bought their netbook – but when I bought my – it was for traveling  – since it was so small and […]

22 Jun

BBQ @ The Store

So we had a bbq at the store during our Magic the Gathering gaming day – invited a few customers randomly to come have a hotdog on a Friday and a few did show up.  Everyone who came brought something with them – and one of them broughat a chocolate birthday Sharis Berries which the […]

20 Sep

Rebuilding Squirrels Ahoy

It used to have more than just squirrels in it, there were cats and snakes as well, and probably some other little critters I’m forgetting about now. And green lordish type things like Kaysa and Juniper Order Druid. The new version is going to be entirely squirrels if possible, with Doubling Season and some planeswalkers. […]

18 Sep

Scars of Mirrodin

Another Magic set is almost upon us and the spoilers are running rampant. So far this set is looking absolutely powerful. Lots of “new” mechanics, I say new because while Infect looks new it’s really just a combination of 2 old mechanics; wither and poison. Proliferate looks like it will be insane with Planeswalkers, and […]

07 Sep

The Titanic

I’ve finally done it! I built the deck I’ve been thinking of since M11 was released. The Titanic. It was originally 20 Titans and 40 ways to get mana onto the table. Now it’s 20 Titans, 4 Clones, 4 Rite of Replication and 32 ways to get mana onto the table. It’s almost always a […]