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15 Feb


George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in this movie would make anyone think that this has got to be a great movie but mannn! I was disappointed !  besides showing how she was stuck in limbo and in space, there was very little action to be honest.  So this movie as per my humble opinion is [...]

30 Jan

Captain Phillips

Love the movie and Tom Hanks did an absolutely great portray of the real Captain Richard Phillips.  Based on a true account of the hijacking of a cargo ship – the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama.  A group of Somali pirates hijacked the cargo ship and demanded ransom for the captain after their failed attempt to [...]

05 Jan

Lone Ranger

A Disney movie and I didn’t expect to see so much gun fire and bloody scenes.  But Johnny Depp being in this movie, it was a pretty hilarious one.  Depp plays Tonto in this movie and he was actually in some sort of a circus museum and was telling a story to a small kid [...]

10 Nov

Overloaded Wtih TV Shows

Yes! that’s the reason why I need a bigger store, unfortunately, we still can’t find one to buy yet and the spouse don’t want to move unless we own our next store. They do sell, once they are on the shelves – but shelves space are limited, so you can see why I am thinking [...]

10 Oct

The Internship

We watched the Internship today and it was hilarious as hell – with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, how can it not be a good movie right?   But is internship at Google really like that?  I don’t know but I know for sure that Google does feed their staff and they have all sorts of [...]

20 Mar


Denzel Washington plays the role of a airline pilot who is drunk and into drugs but yet he is able to land a crashing plane, well enough so that the impact didn’t cause much lost of life.  Yet in the end, when he can walk away with being a hero, he chose to throw it [...]

01 Mar


The Factory is a must watch for anyone out there but not for kids I have to remind you – John Cusack put on a very good performance here but the girl who plays his daughter – Mae Whitman, she did a better job.  Mae Whitman is quite new to the movie industry, she is [...]

17 Jan

Taken 2

We haven’t watched a lot of movies lately but Taken 2 was not a bad one at all.  If you’ve watched the first Taken, you would like this as well although not as intense as the first movie.  Set in Istanbul, the people who had kidnapped his daughter was coming back for him for revenge.   [...]

31 Dec

Killer Joe

Matthew McConaughey stars in this bizarre movie and when I say bizarre it usually means – it a freak your mind kinda movie that in the end, you don’t know why people in the movie did what they did.  I know it doesn’t really make sense but I think there may be some truth in [...]

18 Oct

Expensive Movie Night

Went to a movies with the spouse recently and expected it to be expensive but because we were early the spouse wanted to go shopping and ended up buying a  gold chain  .  The movie was good but definitely an expensive one, the next time, I’ll be smart and go when it’s about time to [...]

15 Oct

Enjoy Your Black Screen Said Amazon

  Who doesn’t want the convenience of watching a new movie over and over again at your home and at the time you want.  Well, while some are happy that Amazon seems to be offering that – they are also shocked to learn that the movie they had paid for sometimes come on a black [...]

28 Jul

Seeking Justice

Seeking justice had Nicolas Cage as the lead actor and we all know that it had to be a pretty good movie.  I was not disappointed at all – it was pretty good.  The movie is about Nicolas Cage’s wife being assaulted and rape and  stranger approached him in the hospital saying that he can [...]

21 May

The Devil Inside

I had expected this show to be a lot scarier but it’s filmed like a documentary about a girl looking for closure or truth about her mother’s killing of 3 person 20 years or so ago. While in Italy – the church did not think that her mother was possessed – 2 other priests thought [...]

07 Feb

In Time

The trailer was pretty good – so we had to watch this movie even though it wasn’t the kind of movie that the spouse wanted to watch but she liked it very much.  It’s an interesting movie about how people were given time to live after they turned 25 and everything they do cost them [...]