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10 Feb

Music Software

We’ve been getting a lot of requests at the store of late for music software and mixers from several musician/s locally of late.  A check with musicans friend  we found that they carry all the software that were requested.   Of course, we shared the information with our customers , so that they can go online […]

05 Feb

Acoustic Electric Guitar

We haven’t seen a lot of  Ovation gear  or Acoustic Electric Classical guitar around town, so when a customer brought one in to sell at the store, I had to check it out.   I hear that they are good for jazz, Latin, flamenco or classical guitar players looking for balanced tone and exceptional plugged-in performance.  […]

30 Sep

Guitar Shopping

 After reading many  reviews  about various guitars that I had been eyeing on for Christmas , I’ve decided to get it before the busy season.  Most times when I am spending this much money, I always read what others have to say about it before purchasing it, of course, it is nice to be able […]

14 Aug

Used Guitars

 We don’t have a lot of variety of used guitars at our store right at this moment but you can find more on my favorite online store.  They have quite a few good ones and I liked their prices as well as the fact that they ship both in USA and Canada.   Learn more about […]

25 Feb

Acoustic Electric Bass

I haven’t played on an acoustic electric bass before but I know that one can get a  acoustic bass at wwbw  as a buddy of mine bought one. I would love to have one for myself even though I don’t play the bass that well but it’s a pretty cool gadget to get for my […]

27 Jun


So we have the normal drums for sale at our store but now our customers want the electronic drums – and like any good businessman, I send them to where I know to get them one.  The  Electronic Drums at WWBW  are by far the most reasonable ones I’ve found on the internet and I’ve […]

28 Mar

Guitar Picks

Bought a whole load of music stuff from a supplier in Toronto – to re-sell at the store.  People always asked for picks and we only have guitar strings for starters, so this time, I ordered a few more things to see if it would sell.  Hopefully, it does – so that we have another […]

15 Dec

iPod’s, I like ‘em

We have no less than 3 iPod’s in the house currently, and another one in the car. The one in the car is there because the headphone jack is messed up, but I have one of those Belkin thingies that plug into the cigarette lighter and broadcast your iPod tunes through the car radio. It […]

10 Aug

Tunes in the Car

I feel like I wasted nearly a thousand bucks a few years back when I bought my new car. I opted for the Audiophile package that included an in-dash 6 disc CD changer and supposedly better than average speakers. I’m pretty happy with the speakers really, but the 6 disc changer rarely gets used since […]

29 Feb

Songs Missing from Rock Band

While playing Rock Band at a friends house the other day we were yakking about what new songs we’d like to see in the game. He thought some of my choices were a little retarded, but then some of his were out to lunch too if you ask me. Tipa at West Karana just had […]

02 Jan

What’s Your Vice?

Singer/song writer Alisa Apps recently admitted that she sucks her thumb but is trying to stop. The video she posted looks more like a ploy for attention rather than an actual confession of some ‘dark secret’. I can’t say as I have any secret vices of my own really, just typical stuff like eating chocolate […]

08 Nov

Hear Your Music

I know that you spent really good money on your CD, and that you want to be able to listen to it while you’re working out, but sometimes the machines at the gym are louder than a construction zone. Thankfully, Quiet Headphones has a great selection of noise canceling headphones and earbuds. With these you […]

12 Oct

Tickets Online

Nothing sucks worse than hearing your favorite band is coming to town and finding out that the tickets are completely sold out. Zickets is a new online ticket marketplace where you could even find sold out tickets for that awesome event you were hoping to see. All transactions are guaranteed, you will not be charged […]

03 Oct

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal. I used to hate it. My little brother liked it so it couldn’t possibly be good, right? How wrong I was. At the time I was more into old school Rap (well, back then it wasn’t old school) Beastie Boys, Run DMC, etc. I smartened up a few years later, when I was […]