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05 Aug

Business Loans

Having been in business for so many years and started with only $400 in my pocket, it definitely wasn’t as easy as some may think.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky as my American friends who owns their own business and can get  short term biz loans from  , I had to use my credit […]

03 Jun

Apple Siri Updates

I’m looking forward to see and test out the updates on the Apple Siri on my Apple iPhone 4S.  The Siri is one of the most popular feature in the 4S and I’ve heard the good and bad of it from my customers.   Tim Cook had said that there is a lot more than Siri […]

05 Jan

Text Books On iPad

Truly amazing !  after I saw the above video – I am in awe!  I can imagine the amount of information my kid can get when she reaches high school.  I’m all for the iBook 2 – with textbooks for only $14.99 or less – you definitely cannot beat that price.   Gone will be […]

04 Jun

Movie Gallery Closing Here Too?

I’ve heard rumors lately that Movie Gallery here in Canada may not be doing too well either despite saying that their Canadian operations will be unaffected by their US stores ALL closing.  The one here in town has apparently not had any new releases in the last month.  Tonight I called them to see if […]

23 Sep

Listen To ESPN On iPhone

Wanna listen to sports like ESPN while you are traveling home from work in an hour’s long ride on the train..?? I would need appetite suppressant to keep me from munching on junks. But now you can keep yourself occupied because ESPN has launched a new application for the iPhone, ESPN Radio, which is now […]

11 Dec

New Store Opening down the Street

I see they’ve been doing some renovation work on one of the empty stores near where I work, but for the longest time there were no signs up to indicate what was going to be moving in. Earlier in the week when I had to go to the bank I saw they finally had a […]

14 Apr

Competition Closing?

I heard rumor today that one of the other little video stores in town is closing up. The source isn’t the most reliable when it comes to rumors however, so I’ll just have to go do some snooping of my own to see if there’s any truth to it. If it does close up that […]

28 Jan

iPhone Coming to Canada

Rogers Wireless is soon going to be releasing the IPhone in Canada, this is great news for those who have been waiting (im)patiently for it’s release since it was originally only available through AT&T in the US. Hackers of course unlocked the phone long ago, but Apple has been releasing updates to foil those attempts […]

28 Dec

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is always in need of more toys, especially during the holiday season. This year they are in need of cash as well, to help with delivering those toys to the children who need them. You can help simply by sending free ecards from For each card sent, a cash contribution will […]

17 Dec

Medina Management Rumors

Rumor has it that Medina Management Strategies may be getting into the Italian dessert business. Medina is alledgedly looking to add San Gelato to the list of franchises that it offers employee and management services too, joining the likes of Cuppy’s Coffee, Planet Wings and Specialty Coffee Co-op. To sit still in business is to […]