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29 Apr

Bing For Your Search Engine

Like most people, we don’t like that fact that Google is controlling the pagerank of our websites and blog pages because they use their own algorithm that they insist is right.  But when it come to search engine , even though we don’t like Google , we still use Google more than Bing, Yahoo or […]

18 Mar

Windows 10 Free For All

Yes, you heard right!  even for the pirates, those who’ve pirated the software for ages.  What the hell right?  So what’s the catch here?  So if you are running on Windows OS  – anyone, you can upgrade for free, yes, even those illegal copies.  But I wonder if those who are illegally downloaded would dare […]

07 Mar

Easter Gifts For Customers

Some people give easter chocolates, easter flowers, easter cakes and even easter cookie dough to their customers. But this year, I think we might have to get bottles of  l’aromarine  and stuff them in the easter basket to give out to our customers. Of late, some of the customers that have been coming in don’t […]

03 Feb

Skylander Swap Force

The Skylander game itself is definitely making us all broke.  The 100s of figurine one has to buy just to play the game.  And it’s not only the Skylander’s figurines, you have to buy the swap force figurines if you want to play the swap force game and of course the disk/game itself to play […]

21 May

Flies Control

With the weather a lot warmer, you and I know that the spouse is going to go crazy about the bugs and flies – but the flies are the ones that comes into our store overnight and we don’t even know where they came from.  I found some  insect control products  online that you can […]

03 Mar

PS4 Impact On Used Game Stores

So everyone had been talking about the PS4 and the new Xbox 720 that will be released this Christmas 2013 and how both Sony and Microsoft are thinking of phasing out the disc.  Therefore used game stores like ours would be impacted – but how impacted will we be?  Firstly, I don’t think both Sony […]

16 Apr

Bunny Shooter Game On iPhone

So my kid was playing this bunny shooter game for 99 cents on the iPhone – and she was having loads of fun with it and for 0.99 cents, so we were all happy for abit but wait a minute – after a few play it asked if we wanted to upgrade for $1.99 .  […]

27 Nov

Yard Sale Find

Local yard sale on FB is fun to watch – especially when the prices are right – but once in a while you have people asking for prices that I would sell the exact things for in a store – so it’s no longer a yard sale find.  These set of Guitar Heroes and games […]

09 Nov

The Blunt Umbrella

I need a special umbrella – not just your ordinary one.  One that doesn’t break on me – when it’s pouring cats and dogs – one that doesn’t flip inside out – and embarrass the hell outta me in the middle of the road.  But to pay $80 USD for an umbrella – mannnn! it […]

28 Jul

A Very Annoying Knife

A very annoying knife – and I won’t even think of giving it to my enemy !  very annoying !  this knife screams out sounds of a cow, a pig and various animals  – and even a broccoli but actually of someone asking you not to cut them up.  The knife even cries for you […]

20 Jul

Borders Forced To Close Its Doors

Yes! it’s true i see – Borders who employs more than 10,000 employees was forced to shut down and liquidate – no one to bail them out so I heard.   What a shame eh?  I do like that bookstore – but there wasn’t much business in any of them – truth be told – I […]

03 Jan

Damn You, Garbage Guys

Once again the lid has been broken off my garbage bin out by the side walk. They just don’t care how they treat other people’s property. And since I can’t booby-trap it to take off a leg or something, I’ll just have to re-attach it, again, and try to make it more solid. Again. New […]

11 May

Cafe World’s New Menu

For someone who plays Cafe World on facebook for a long time now – i know they said that Cafe World is still on beta – but they keep changing things every few days – this morning – i found that they changed the menu too.  Mannn!!  they really have to give it a break  […]

08 May

Windows 7 Starter

So we just bought a netbook with Windows 7 Starter on it  – we are so used to our Windows Vista in our old netbook – we find that the Starter comes with limitations.  You see you can’t even change it’s wallpaper for one and you can only run concurrent applications on a PC at […]