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30 May

Run All Night

Just watched this last night and if it comes out on DVD , I’m gonna get a few to rent to our customer.  Pretty good movie I’ll have to say.  Liam Neeson is as always , so calm and emotionless most of the time but I guess that’s what the story is all about. In […]

18 Mar

Windows 10 Free For All

Yes, you heard right!  even for the pirates, those who’ve pirated the software for ages.  What the hell right?  So what’s the catch here?  So if you are running on Windows OS  – anyone, you can upgrade for free, yes, even those illegal copies.  But I wonder if those who are illegally downloaded would dare […]

15 Mar

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

One of the last movies that Robin Williams was in is the Night of the Museum.  I think there won’t be another sequel after this.  Therefore, everyone has to watch this.  For those who’ve watched Night of the Museum before , you won’t be surprised and know what to expect of course, for those who […]

20 Jan


Must awaited movie by a lot of people , Annabelle turned out to be less scary than I had hope for.  Nevertheless, it was quite good.  Set in the 70s, a young couple who was going to have their own baby , purchased a vintage toy and apparently , the toy had the spirit of […]

10 Dec

Top 10 Best Selling Gifts For Christmas 2014

So for those of you looking for gifts for your kids or nephews or nieces and don’t know what to get for them, here is a list of toys and games that you might consider because these are the stuff that are most sought after at our store.  Of course, the minecraft plushies are the […]

10 Sep


With Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, how can one miss this movie right?  Destined to be together they were not.  Two ended on a blind date that didn’t turn up well and they thought they would never meet each other again but fate had it otherwise of course.  And instead ended up with a holiday […]

20 Nov

PS4 Review

Yes! We bought a PS4 and not the Xbox One and I’m quite happy with it at the moment.  What do I think of it?  well, the Blu Ray seems to run better with the PS4 and graphics for games seems better too.  As for the size, it’s quite similar to the size of the […]

24 Oct

Be Wary Of Shopping On Ebay

Buyers Beware! when shopping on ebay.  Being a veteran shopper and seller at ebay, you would think that I wouldn’t be scammed or lose any money – after all ebay did promised to keep the buyers safe.  But it is not the case when I bought a retro game for $150 – received the game […]

14 May


So what is WhatsApp?  I was asked the other day – and my answer ?  what the hell is that? yes, I didn’t know but since the spouse wanted to download it – so that she can use it with her friends from Asia.  So I did some reading up on WhatsApp and this was […]

20 Mar


Denzel Washington plays the role of a airline pilot who is drunk and into drugs but yet he is able to land a crashing plane, well enough so that the impact didn’t cause much lost of life.  Yet in the end, when he can walk away with being a hero, he chose to throw it […]

28 Feb

Windows 8 Review

So I finally managed to get a chance to test out Windows 8 for a customer had brought his laptop in for reformatting and it had Windows 8 on it.  What do I think of it? Very different from the other OS that I’ve used thus far. You noticed immediately that the interface is totally […]

22 Feb

Scrabble On Facebook

Although Scrabble on Facebook isn’t new to FB users, I just started getting into it of late and I’m pretty much a Scrabble hound right now.  Love the game and it’s really intriguing – you can play with your friends or any random person online.  Free on FB, you can play it on your computer […]

31 Dec

Killer Joe

Matthew McConaughey stars in this bizarre movie and when I say bizarre it usually means – it a freak your mind kinda movie that in the end, you don’t know why people in the movie did what they did.  I know it doesn’t really make sense but I think there may be some truth in […]

23 Oct

Skylanders Giants

Look who has got the Skylanders Giants?  and the best part of buying the Giants or any Skylanders games is they work with all the systems.  PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii  – all 3 newest consoles  – you can play with it and it’s pretty cool and neat.  We’ve just started playing with it […]