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24 Jun

Gaming Tables & Tournaments

  Gaming tables of this sort is awesome to have at home and since we have been hosting more game tournaments of late at the store, I’ve decided to get some  premier table linens  to use when we have tournaments and not enough gaming tables to use.  We can transform the above gaming tables with […]

27 Oct

Rock Band 3 Creation stuff

Tonight after playing a bunch of songs I remembered that I still needed to customize a character and create a band and stuff in Rock Band 3. So I set about re-creating Kalamaf & his band Karnage, complete with new logo that sports a crappy looking little town underneath a panther that breathes flaming motorcycles […]

26 Oct

Rock Band 3

Once again Canada got screwed in the release of Rock Band 3. I was able to find the game itself without any problems, but I couldn’t find any hardware at all. No keyboard bundles, no separate keyboard, no pro drum kits, no cymbal expansion kits for existing drums. Nothing. Just old Beatles bundles, old drums […]

24 Mar

Rock Band Network

The Rock Band Network finally launched a couple weeks ago and already has over 150 songs available from artists both popular and obscure. It seems to be a great service for smaller bands and artists but there’s some pretty big names putting out songs via RBN as well. The biggest news I heard this week,big […]

20 Feb

Sore Neck from Playing Rock Band

I hadn’t played any music games for a couple of weeks and then 2 nights ago I spent a couple hours on Rock Band. The first hour on drums and then another hour on guitar. Was fun, got my ass kicked by the new Megadeth songs. I did OK on some but then for others […]

06 Dec

Broke 25k GamerScore

I just broke 25000 GS tonight on the ol’ Xbox 360. Actually it was 26k but 1k of that almost feels like cheating and went by so fast I forgot about it for a minute there. Someone traded in that Avatar at my store the other day, the one where you can get all 1000 […]

04 Nov

Lego Rock Band

When I first heard about this game many months ago I figured it must be a joke. Even though it was April Fools day it just seemed too silly to be real. But as time went on and more information became available it was very apparent that the game was in fact real. I’ve been […]

20 Sep

Rock Band at Work

Since we have a few used consoles for sale at work now and a couple sets of Rock Band I decided to hook one up so customers can give it a try. Most people try guitar but a few decide to bang on the drums for a bit. I cringe every time I see someone […]

27 Aug

Take THAT, Reaper!

I had a decent night on Rock Band drums last night. I 5 starred my last song that was giving me problems on medium, Enter Sandman, I could pass the song without any trouble but I just couldn’t seem to 5 star the bitch. Oh well, it’s done now and I have 5 stars on […]

10 Aug

Rock Band 2 soon!

With Rock Band 2 coming out next month for the Xbox 360 I’m already looking to get rid of my current instruments. The ones that will come bundled with RB2 will be better quality and with improved features, so along with shopping around for the best buy on the new bundle I also have to […]

08 Jun

Still Banging the Drum…

… in Rock Band that is. After finishing the solo tour on medium I had started working on hard but quickly found I couldn’t get very far. I went back to medium to work on getting 5 stars on all the songs, this went pretty smoothly and I’ve now 5 starred all but 4 songs […]

12 May

Drummer not a Singer

I’m much better at drumming than singing apparently, I borrowed a set from a friend of mine who currently has no time to play. Since I had played a few songs on medium back in January I decided to continue on from there. It still takes some getting used to, and my leg still gets […]

28 Apr

I Can’t Sing

It’s official, I can’t sing. I decided to give Rock Band vocals a try last night and it was.. uhmm.. well, I did pass about 14 songs on easy. I tried one on medium and failed less than halfway through. I found out something new too, you can actually pass a song with 2 stars. […]

09 Apr

Slow Month for New Songs

The Rock Band DLC so far this month has been pretty disappointing. On April 1st all we got was one song, Still Alive, from the game ‘Portal’. Granted, this was a free download so that’s a good thing, but then this week all we get is the Harmonix track pack, the same 3 songs that […]