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18 Mar

Windows 10 Free For All

Yes, you heard right!  even for the pirates, those who’ve pirated the software for ages.  What the hell right?  So what’s the catch here?  So if you are running on Windows OS  – anyone, you can upgrade for free, yes, even those illegal copies.  But I wonder if those who are illegally downloaded would dare […]

10 Feb

Music Software

We’ve been getting a lot of requests at the store of late for music software and mixers from several musician/s locally of late.  A check with musicans friend  we found that they carry all the software that were requested.   Of course, we shared the information with our customers , so that they can go online […]

06 Mar

MSI R9 290X Lightning Graphics Card

This graphic card will cost me at least $1000 after shipping and it was many years ago, and I was still gaming big time, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it and go ga-ga over it.  But at this point of time, since I’m more into console games, I just read over the review and check […]

14 May


So what is WhatsApp?  I was asked the other day – and my answer ?  what the hell is that? yes, I didn’t know but since the spouse wanted to download it – so that she can use it with her friends from Asia.  So I did some reading up on WhatsApp and this was […]

28 Feb

Windows 8 Review

So I finally managed to get a chance to test out Windows 8 for a customer had brought his laptop in for reformatting and it had Windows 8 on it.  What do I think of it? Very different from the other OS that I’ve used thus far. You noticed immediately that the interface is totally […]

10 Nov

Computer Repairs

You will be surprised at how many computers I come across at our small store for repair because of viruses and spyware.  These days people download stuff so much, they don’t even know that some sites are not reliable and without a good  anti spyware  or a anti-virus protection, one can easily infect your computer […]

02 Feb

Blackberry Playbook @ $199

Staples had just announced that the Blackberry playbook is on sale for $199 and I was darn tempted to get one.  You would think for $199 – what is there to lose right?  so I did a little bit of reading up on it – before heading out to get it – and luckily I […]

05 Jan

Text Books On iPad

Truly amazing !  after I saw the above video – I am in awe!  I can imagine the amount of information my kid can get when she reaches high school.  I’m all for the iBook 2 – with textbooks for only $14.99 or less – you definitely cannot beat that price.   Gone will be […]

13 Oct

Microsoft 8 Release Date

i’m just only getting used to Windows 7 and everyone had been talking about the release date of Windows 8 for a few months now.  Scheduled to be released in 2012 – it is said that a beta version had been out for months now and real folks are in the testing mode and will […]

28 Aug

Remote Eye By iZon

We are always on a look out for wireless remote camera to watch the store when we are home – or during the night.  One never know when some thief/thieves might decide to bring into your home or store – and it’s not a big discovery – to be able to watch a remote camera […]

25 May

Office Efficiency

We recently had an episode with our debit company – about our contract – they insisted that we did sign a 5 years contract – while we don’t remember anything.  The spouse therefore recommends that we invest in a scanner software that way – should we need to look up for documents of any kind […]

09 Apr


Lately I’ve been turning a lot of the websites I own into blogs. They’re easy to update this way and information can be sorted into categories or by tags, and entire blogs are very easy to search through. Changing the entire look is simply a matter of downloading a new theme and in seconds you […]

06 Mar

AVG Version 8 now Available

I’ve been using the free version 7.5 of AVG for quite some time now, it works well and doesn’t get in the way. So many scanners I’ve tested in the past were just horrible. They’d hog resources, slow the computer down and constantly annoy me with popups asking if this or that is ok. I’ll […]

28 Jan

Free Photoshop Brushes

I’m an old dog when it comes to graphic editing, I’m still using PSP 4.14 which has gotta be about 12 years old by now. Sooner or later I’ll have to upgrade to something newer and better though, and seeing things like free Photoshop Brushes and patterns is a good incentive. It’s great to get […]