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08 May

Google’s Algorithm Sued In Japan’s Court

We’ve all known that Google and its Algorithm is biased and pretty much works towards what they think is best for their advertising – everyone else’s is just pure bull to them.  So I’m not surprised that a Japan lawyer had finally brought Google Algorithm to court to ask them to modify their autocomplete function.  […]

23 Mar

US$49K For Living Expenses For Kim Dotcom

First of all – who in the hell would changed their family name to Dotcom?  a little bit crazy or obnoxious?  maybe a little of both – I have to say.  Known as the download pirate king – I think the Feds are making him a target as well as a precedent to deter people […]

10 Mar

Insurance For Family

My dad’s insurance agent had been around since last month asking us to get insurance for the entire family not just myself – I am insured but the spouse and kid isn’t.  But I find that the insurance he was recommending didn’t really fit my needs – so I went to  to check what […]

20 Jul

Borders Forced To Close Its Doors

Yes! it’s true i see – Borders who employs more than 10,000 employees was forced to shut down and liquidate – no one to bail them out so I heard.   What a shame eh?  I do like that bookstore – but there wasn’t much business in any of them – truth be told – I […]

07 Jul

Vote for the best short story

About a week ago I wrote a short story called The Keepers House for a contest at Teresa has decided that instead of choosing a winner herself, she is going to put up a poll instead. So please, go and vote for your favorite story (mine please?!). Links to the individual entries can be […]

07 Jul

Another story I wrote 18 years ago

This is a story I wrote for an English class project in grade 10 I think, so it’s not very well written or anything, but read it if you like.  This is exactly as I wrote it back then, no editing or anything.  I can just imagine the comments I’ll get on this crap =)

02 Jul

Deadly Imagination

I wrote the following story in 1993, born of boredom while taking an Accounting course at NSCC, which means I was only around 19 at the time. Deadly Imagination It was a morning much like any other in the town of Ridgewood. Spring was in the air, trees were starting to turn green with new […]

25 Jun

The Keepers House

The following story is my entry in a little writing contest over at Gravel crunched as his car skidded to a stop in the driveway.  Karl quickly inspected the old run-down building. It looked like no one had lived there for years even though months of investigating had led him to this very spot. […]