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13 Mar

No More Wrinkles

When you are traveling or if you are like us and don’t use an iron and ironing board – check out this Wrinkle Wiz – spray – leave it to dry and your clothes becomes wrinkle free – now how easy is that.  For $5.95 – I want to order it just to try it […]

15 Dec

Interesting People

When you own a game store like I do – you do get to meet a lot of interesting people – some very nice – and some not so nice.  I want to meet all the nice people and keep the nice ones as a customer forever.  Unfortunately, because of the job situation here in […]

25 May

Job Hunting

The school year is almost over for the high school students and those in the community college and we are seeing a lot more resumes for a job before school start and some wants to join our business permanently.  But there are also some that I’ve spoken to – who are moving away for some […]

20 May

Comic Con International

I’m looking forward to the Comic-Con International in San Diego this July and since I  am driving there – the spouse insist that I become a member of the  roadside assistance club , else I cannot go.  So like a good boy – I looked into it and think that the spouse is right, after […]

01 May

Bixi Bike In Toronto

While not all Torontian are on human growth hormone supplements – they can now make use of the Bixi bike share program that was recently launched this week – to better their health and save the earth.  We all want to be healthy and happy and one way is to boost our immune system.  So […]

26 Mar

Vacation For Geeks

So a few buddy of mine wants to go on a vacation together – where the sun and the beach is without the family – only them guys.  I suggested the NC because they have vacation homes by the beach.   The rentals shared amongst a few geeks is going to be very affordable – they […]

18 Nov

Mini Vacation

If you can call 2 days a vacation then that’s what it was. We had some nice weather on the weekend so we headed up to Halifax so the wife could stock up on Chinese groceries since there’s very little available in town. While up there we of course had to go to Build A […]

26 May

Fancy Invitations

A buddy of mine is getting married and they sent me a fancy invite through invitations  It’s quite a step up from the last invitations we received which were just the cheap dollar store bulk pack where you have to write in the date/time/name and so on. Not that it was any less important of […]

06 Mar

Got Gas? Burn some water.

An old school buddy of mine was telling me a while back that he’s been making his own bio-diesel for his vehicles and that the stuff works awesome. In the last 6 months he’s only had to spend around $50 on diesel and that he’s put 10’s of thousands of KM on the cars in […]

01 Mar

Unique Crafts from the Orient

I met my wife online many years ago, and after several years of typing back and forth and phone calls, she came to visit during Christmas, 2000. Shortly after she went back home I took a trip over there to visit her and spent 5 weeks in Asia. I spent the bulk of that time […]

04 Feb

PostieCon ’08

Last year, the first annual PostieCon was held in Las Vegas to correspond with the Bloggers Choice Awards. This year however, they will be holding it in Orlando, FL. It makes it easier to plan and easier for all the employees to attend, although for the posties it may not be quite the same. We […]

21 Dec


If you’re in the UK and looking to do some traveling over the holidays or on your next vacation then check out Great trip prices are just a phone call away and along with booking your flight you can also use them for hotel and car reservations. A good example is flights to Thailand […]