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20 Dec

Game Stick

Had I known about this project much earlier – I would have even invested in it – I’m very much into indie games too because a pair of twins from town had been writing indie games and even have their own company promoting their own indie games.  And being an entrepreneur myself  – I would […]

03 Aug

Maximizing Floor Space For The Store

I own a store that sells not only electronics but movies and games as well – but as you all know I don’t have a lot of floor space, so when I have a lot of tv coming in, I have to get my  corner tv stand  out to maximize my floor space at the […]

05 Jun

Use FireFox People!

So I have a customer who came in wanting to watch Netflix but can’t because it was so choppy.  The internet company gave him the run around, Netflix couldn’t figure out why  for months – so he was ready to chop the computer into pieces.  Brought it in for us to take a look at […]

18 Feb

Gadget Must Have At Home

For those who loved their LCD tv, plasma tv, their sound systems – and of course their HD tvs – you must have the logitech universal remote  at home.   Everyone who comes by the store always look for a universal remote and I recommend them the logitech all the time.  Why?  because I’ve had great […]

25 Jan

4mm TV – The TV I Want

Yes, LG has a TV that will be 55 inch wide and 4mm thick and that’s the tv i want.   The color is said to be more vibrant – and LG is said to be selling the TV later this year.  We don’t know how much it will be – but it won’t be cheap […]

03 Aug

Speakers For Your Laptop

When you have a noisy store like I do – most times – you can’t even enjoy a show in your store at lunch time.  So when I saw this on ThinkGeek – I just had to order it – at $59.99 – it’s pretty sleek and you can carry it anywhere you go – […]

20 Jul

Borders Forced To Close Its Doors

Yes! it’s true i see – Borders who employs more than 10,000 employees was forced to shut down and liquidate – no one to bail them out so I heard.   What a shame eh?  I do like that bookstore – but there wasn’t much business in any of them – truth be told – I […]

08 Jul

Hung – Season 1

Started watching this new show called Hung recently, the first season was pretty short and season 2 has already started on TV so I guess it must have had decent ratings. It’s not quite what I was expecting but the show is enjoyable enough. Basically there’s this school coach who is hurting for cash and […]

01 Jun

24 Season 8 Finale

So it was 24 Season 8 Finale a few days ago – that I’ve watched – and thought to myself – mann!  Jack Baur need some acne scar removal – hahah!  so yes ! once again – Jack Bauer’s didn’t die – even though he was shot and stabbed.  Normally, anyone else would have been […]

25 Apr


Parenthood is a new show that just started recently – in fact I think only 4 episodes so far. I had thought it was going to be a sappy show – but it turned out to be pretty good. I think I only started watching it because it had that Gilmore Girls – Roralie in […]

02 Feb

TV Finally Arrived

So my new TV finally arrived a few days ago but you must know by now how upset I am that I’ve waited for more than 1.5 months for it. I ordered it on Boxing Day and had to spend hours hunting it down with Future Shop and when they finally made the arrangements they […]

29 Jan

Finally a response from Futureshop

So after waiting over a month and making several phone calls, I finally tracked down the number for Fuckershop’s head office. I called and talked to someone who said that they’d pass it on to the appropriate department and I’d hear back within 4 hours. And someone actually did call! To say the same thing […]

24 Jan

*starts pulling hair out*

On my 5th call to Fuckershop my ‘problem’ with my order was escalated a 3rd time. What does that even mean anyway? Escalated to what? The guy says “This time we should hear something because I’m going to be very description in my report to show just how long this has been going on and […]

16 Jan

Damnit Futureshop!

So here we are the 16th of January. My TV has been marked as “Successfully shipped” since the end of December. And where do you suppose my TV currently is? According to customer support, it’s still IN THEIR DAMN WAREHOUSE!! I can understand that the holiday’s may have caused some delays in shipping, but 3 […]