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22 Oct

Gretsch Guitars

This Honey Dipper Special Round Neck Resonator Guitar Swamp Green is very unique and I told the spouse I want this for Christmas and she can  click here  to buy one for me.  Not only is the shape and the sound unique, it’s really loud and one can hear you without the microphone.  The price is […]

13 Feb

Online Shopping

These days we do a lot of shopping online because the spouse cannot get what she wants here in town – and I usually end up having to do the online shopping for her – because she doesn’t like to use her credit card online.   So she would ask me to buy eucalyptus essential oil  […]

21 Sep

iPhone was awesome for traveling

This past weekend we took a few days off and went up to Halifax. This was the first trip we’ve been on since getting an iPhone and I’ve gotta say that little gadget sure saved us a lot of time and gas. Normally I can find the places I’m looking for, eventually. Since we’re not […]

21 Sep

Fable II

Yes! I’m behind the times! I just started playing Fable II a few days ago, my attempt to clear something off my game shelf that’s been sitting there for a loooong time. I’m finding it pretty fun so far, but as I’ve heard from other people, the game seems to be pretty short if you […]

20 Sep

Sound System

I’ve been looking to replace the Sony Bravia audio system I have in the living room. I liked it for a while because it matches my TV and they cooperate nicely, but now I’m finding that the sound just isn’t as good as it could be, and when playing music games the delay is very […]

12 Mar

Two Worlds 2 done, what’s next?

I finished off Two Worlds 2 about a week ago and only have 5 achievements left to get. 3 of those are the multiplayer ones which seem like they’ll be the hardest to finish off since there doesn’t seem to be many games in my level range. I rolled up a fresh level 1 and […]

26 Feb

Saw: the Game

Saw the Game on Xbox 360 turned out to be better than I expected. It played like the movies for the most part, where you need to figure out puzzles to save/kill people and stay alive yourself. It was also a pretty easy 1000 gamerscore points, the hardest most frustrating part achievement was getting the […]

25 Feb

STILL not a Pawn Shop

I buy and sell things at my business. It is not a pawn shop business though, but every week, at least once, someone asks if they can pawn something. I stick with the things I know. Movies, video games, music, computers and accessories. People try to sell me jewelry, but I don’t know enough about […]

25 Feb

Nearing the end of Two Worlds II

I’m around 35 hours into it now and have been in chapter 3 for a little while now, just killed a demon priest guy so I think I’m nearing the end. It’s been a fun ride, and I’ve still got a bunch of multiplayer stuff to do if I want to get the achievements. And […]

19 Nov

Yet Another new deck idea

I’ve managed to complete a playset of Dominus of Fealty and have been working on a “What’s yours is mine” deck. At first I was going to use sac outlets to just get rid of the stolen items, but then I re-read Bazaar Trader and decided to go with a steal & keep angle instead. […]

18 Jun

Drafting in MTGO

Tonight I’m taking part in my first draft in MTGO. After looking through the tournament types I finally settled on an M10 Swiss draft. This way I get to play all 3 rounds whether I win or lose, and at the end I win a booster pack for each match that I won. Plus I […]

02 Jun

You Gonna Use That Land?

That’s what I titled my most recent Magic deck in MTGO. You Gonna Use That Land?. It’s a blue/green land wrecker deck. Green stuff destroys it, blue stuff turns it into islands or causes pain when you tap it. I keep having mana problems of my own with it though despite having 20 lands in […]

28 May

My Cafe World bugged?

I tried to bling up my cafe in Cafe World on facebook but for some reason it won’t let me buy any more solid gold stoves! I have 4 or 5 that I bought a long time ago but now when I try to buy more they’re all greyed out. I can buy all the […]

24 Mar

Too Much Change

Change can be a good thing. Too much change is typically a bad thing. Unless it’s the clinky clink type of change you find in your pocket at the end of every day and throw it into a can or bottle and forget about it. Do this on a daily basis and eventually you’ll look […]